The Caspian Sea Without Oil

Aaaaagh!!! The name of everything I look up on the internet out of sheer curiosity, always also happens to be the name of a business or something related to business, the most boring topic in the world. So I see the Caspian Sea
on my globe and it’s almost as big as all of France or Spain and I wonder about why one has never heard anything about it except its name. Ilook it up on the internet and get reel after reel of millions of entries on oil, which I don’t care about either. I heard that the Caspian Sea has no waves, or was that the Aral Sea .I looked that up once and all it talks about is ecology, which would be interesting enough if it wasn’t for the depressing politics that goes with it, as one could learn about the way the sea looks and what kind of people are around it, how the fish died, and the history. Therefore I propose that the internet become more like Straight Dope, more encyclopaedic, and shunt all the money-making and current politics to the END of the string of information instead of at the beginning. I want the lore of the Caspian, such an exotic name too; why was it named that? Who lived near its shores? What does it look like around there, were there exotic tribes with colorful costumes related to the ancient Sarmatians or those other two ancient peoples that lived up that way? So my question is is there a site for the Caspian Sea that somebody out there knows about that doesn’t mention business or oil?

How about doing a Google search on something like:

caspian sea -oil history overview

That might work.

Use Google’s “Advanced Search”, which allows you to specify a search string without the word “oil”. Then look for “with any of the words–history Caspian Sea”.

Well, that’s exactly what “-oil” does, Ducky. It searches for hits without the word “oil”, and WITH all the other words.