The Cassandra Crossing

Just saw most of this disturbing movie about a trans-European train that has been contaminated with an infectious plague by terrorists. A 70’s movie with current issues overtones. The sobering part was how the Government planned to solve the problem. Martin Sheen is in it, too.

Another movie from that era was the classic TV-movie The Night They Took Miss Beautiful, featuring Gary Collins as “the hero” and Victoria Principal as “Miss Israel,” but who is really another agent assisting “the hero.” However, this involved an airplane instead of a choo-choo.

Careful, don’t mention movies like The Cassandra Crossing too much, Hollywood will want to remake it with Cuba Gooding, Jr. And considering his film choices as of late, he’d go for it.

I remember being suckered into watching it on TV because the cast was of a higher caliber than most disaster movies. Richard Harris, Burt Lancaster, Sophia Loren…how wrong I could be. O.J. Simpson should have been the tip off, but I was young and naive.

I mostly know this movie because of the soundtrack (I collect Jerry Goldsmith sountracks, and he did the score for this film). Finally, after all these years, saw the film. It wasn’t bad, but it was just one of those '70s disaster flicks. Seeing Martin Sheen as Ava Gardner’s boy toy was a bit amusing.

I remember seeing this film as a kid and being disappointed that additional clever references to Greek mythology has not made it into the movie. The 70’s were the heyday of corporate film-making and this one, although not un-entertaining is a good example of how to make a dud for lack of a clear direction.