The cat is fine

Some of you may remember this thread:

In which our cat catches a bat and is quarantined.

Well, she successfully completed her quarantine and is no longer a Garage Cat; as of last night she became an Outdoor Cat once again.

…and, after charging the battery, I drove the Miata this morning!

Glad it got sorted out! :slight_smile:

Isn’t a Miata a chick car?

Also, glad your cat is fine.

Being short, non-balding, and confidently heterosexual, I’m very happy driving a Miata. :wink:

Congratulations! Glad to hear that kittie is doing well.

I have no opinion on the Miata. :stuck_out_tongue:

My cat caught a bat inside my house last year, and was chasing one that got in again about two weeks ago!

That first time I thought he had caught a mouse, as I heard a loud squeaking down the hallway. The squeaking got closer and I thought, “Oh shoot, Atilla wants to give me a mouse!” So the cat comes around the corner and the “mouse” is flapping it’s wings!
Aieeeeeee! I swatted at him, he dropped the bat, which then proceeded to fly around my living room! I caught it when I swung a pillow at it and knocked it out of the air. Picked it up wearing an oven mitt, as the cat has been vaccinated but I haven’t! Threw it outside and it flew away.

Think of the stories he told his bat friends…