The cat on my front porch, and Animal Control

Four days ago a ratty looking yellow cat appeared on my front porch. It faces south and in the frigid temps this was a warmer place to be, with sun in the afternoon.

The poor cat was skinny, with a rough coat, one eye was gummed shut, and it had a lump on the back of it’s head. But unlike a regular feral cat it was friendly and tried to follow both me an my tenant in our doors.

The cat came back each day, and I gave it a little food, but although it was so thin it didn’t eat much. Once I saw it trying to defecate but nothing happened, so it probably had kidney problems too.

Yesterday I called Animal Control and they said they would come by to pick up the cat. I had to wait outside because AC couldn’t take it without someone from the property being present. While I waited the poor thing meowed at me and tried to get in my lap!:frowning:

It didn’t even struggle when the AC officer picked it up to put it in a carrier. I know I did the practical thing, even if(when) it’s put down it will be painless, and not a lingering death from illness or cold. I have three indoor cats of my own and can’t afford another, and my tenant has two.

The officer was a nice young woman and very sympathetic. This cat couldn’t have lived it’s whole life as a stray, it was not afraid of people, and that made it more sad.

One more plea, please have your pets spayed or neutered. Then the Animal Control won’t have to take in a sweet old cat to be killed, and I won’t have to feel bad for having made the call.

Baker, you absolutely did the right thing. You gave him a few days of food and comfort, and he has been eased out of his painful life, rather than suffering and ultimately meeting an even more painful death.

You’re good people.

And Baker’s right, people. Spay or neuter your pets!

:frowning: indeed. Poor kitty. When I read things like this, I think of the native idea that what you do to animals in this life will be done to you in the next - it gives me a tiny bit of comfort.

(I don’t usually say this, but in this case it seems to fit.)

Bless your heart.

Awwww, poor kitty. :frowning:

Things that always make me feel bad. I have 2 cats of my own, and every time I see a stray out in the cold I always want to help it.

A couple of years ago, I found a cat that couldn’t get out of my patio because it had a broken leg (it’s below ground level). Nothing I did helped the cat get out, and it wouldn’t let me come near it. I went back into my place to call animal control, and forgot to close the door. It followed me in, and hid under my bed. It took half an hour of prodding & poking & scratching & screaming to get it out. I carried it out to my patio, set it on the other side of the wall, and watched it run off. And immediately went ‘Awwww that poor kitty, I could have helped it.’ and felt bad for three days.

If you hadn’t called the cat would probably have suffered in the cold until whatever was afflicting it ran its natural course. Euthanasia is a huge mercy compared to that. You did a good thing.

Right now we have three inside kitties. There are three kittens outside who would love to come in. The only reason why we haven’t rounded them up and taken them to the Humane Society is because we think that they are being fed and somewhat looked after by one or another of our neighbors. One of the kittens had a flea collar on, that was getting too tight, so we took it off. At some point, someone cared enough to want to protect him from fleas, but didn’t know enough to avoid flea collars. All three kittens (they’re about 3 or 4 months old, I’d say) seem to be quite well fed, two of them are very willing to be picked up, and those two WILL try to prance right in our front door if we don’t keep a sharp lookout. One of them DID slip in, and Sapphire the Siamese Drama Queen was curious at first. Then she realized that this kitten could get attention from the humans, attention that is RIGHTFULLY HERS, and she made him feel very unwelcome.

If these are someone’s indoor/outdoor kittens, I don’t want to take them to the Humane Society. If these are kittens that have been dumped, though, I’d rather take them down to the shelter while they’re still small enough to have a chance to get adopted.

No, I can’t talk to my neighbors. My Spanish is quite rusty.

Thank You, Baker!

Thank you so so much.


If you have or are willing to buy a spare cat collar you could write up a note. "Is this your cat? If so please call (xxx) xxx-xxxx and let me know. Otherwise I will take it to the shelter on X date.’ Run it through babelfish, print it out, and rubber band it to the collar. If someone calls you speaking Spanish (or English, obviously) you know it’s somebody’s cat, otherwise you can take it to the shelter with a clear conscience.

I’m afraid that’s what I’m going to have to end up doing, times three. I would hate to take someone’s pet to the shelter, but on the other hand, having those kittens out there in the cold worries me. I don’t want to provide food and shelter for them myself. If I do that, then we’re going to have a dozen cats hanging around our front yard again…and stray dogs, and that damned possum will show up again. We made the mistake of feeding some outdoor cats a couple of years ago, and we really don’t want to do that again. Especially since I hate possums and don’t want to feed one.

And I don’t want to end up in a situation like the OP has, where we have to call the shelter to take in a sick or injured cat, knowing that the best outcome is going to be a humane killing, rather than the slow painful death the animal would suffer otherwise. That’s heartbreaking.

We had almost the same experience back in the spring. A very friendly kitty started hanging around and trying to get into people’s houses. I fed it a few times and put out a box with some of those hand warmers wrapped in a towel when it started turning colder. He was a really sweet kitty.

I’d have adopted him but my husband is highly allergic to cats. After one particularly cold night, I made the decision to take him to the shelter. My girls and I took him in, along with a nice donation to the shelter. We were hoping that he had a chip but he didn’t. We all bawled when we left him.

The girls asked if he’d be adopted and I told them that I hoped so but that there was no guarantee. I told them that I’d rather see the cat put to sleep than to be left alone to his devices with the cold and coyotes.

I still think about the kitty. :frowning:

Sometimes, a last little bit of kindness is what is needed.

Please don’t feel bad or sad.

Thank you.


You’re good people, **Baker **and Lynn. Bless you for taking care of the helpless little ones. It’s heartbreaking, I know, but you are appreciated.