The Cats Meow


I’m giving away some plot points here, but then the film is based upon alleged “facts” than anyone can read in Kenneth Anger’s book “Hollywood Babylon.” So it’s not as if what happens in the film is exactly a secret.


According to the film, William Randolph Hearst shot producer Thomas Ince aboard Heart’s yacht. As far as I can find, there is no evidence that this is in fact what happened. There are a few details that suggest there was some kind of coverup about what happened on the yacht, but that might have been because the passengers were drinking alcohol during Prohibition.

So, outside of Anger’s book (which is hardly a reliable source), what is there to suggest that this version of events is indeed what happened? Do you believe the film tells it like it really happened. Or do you think that, with a story based mostly on unfounded rumors, the names of the real-life people should have been changed and the story presented as fiction?

By the way, the film’s screenwriter, Steve Peros, seems to believe completely in the murder coverup theory. You can read what he has to say by clicking here: