The Celebrity Death Pool 2009

My first time playing this - expect low finish:

  1. James Watson (co-discoverer of DNA structure)
  2. Stephen Hawking (Physicist)
  3. Murray Walker (ex-Formula One commentator)
  4. Seve Ballesteros (Golfer)
  5. Ken Dodd (English comedian)
  6. Eric Idle (English comedian)
  7. Keith Richards (Rolling Stones)
  8. Bob Dylan (Singer-songwriter)
  9. Zsa Zsa Gabor (91-year old ex-actress)
  10. Betty Boothroyd (British politician)
  11. Robert Mugabe (President of Zimbabwe)
  12. Thaksin Shinawatra (ex-Prime Minister of Thailand)
  13. Bilawal Bhutto (Pakistani Politician)

14. Fidel Castro (ex-President of Cuba)
15. Kim Jong-Il (North Korean leader)
16. Osama Bin Laden (Leader of Al-Qaeda)

Plain List:

James Watson
Stephen Hawking
Murray Walker
Seve Ballesteros
Ken Dodd
Eric Idle
Keith Richards
Bob Dylan
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Betty Boothroyd
Robert Mugabe
Thaksin Shinawatra
Bilawal Bhutto

Fidel Castro
Kim Jong-Il
Osama bin Laden

The plain list is without numbers so the organizer can easily copy and paste into Excel.

Thanks. Done.

Hillary Clinton
J. K. Rowling
Beau Biden
Camilla Parker Bowles
Frank Calliendo
Andrew Sullivan
Michael Kinsley
Ted Stevens
Keith Richards
Ringo Starr
Sam Harris
Stevie Nicks
John McCain

Alternate: Nancy Pelosi

Nobody taking Obama. A natzi web site says they have tripled their hits since the election.

Subscribing. I’ll be posting my list on or slightly before the 31st. I’m gonna try to give Rochm Qoch a run this year. (Please don’t put me on your list Rochm!)

Amy Winehouse
Patrick Swayze
Ted Kennedy
Farrah Fawcett
Paul Stanley
Jani Lane (singer for Warrant)
Sharon Osbourne
Hugh Hefner
Ozzy Osbourne
Robert Downey Jr.
Suzanne Summers
Bettie Page
Abe Vigoda


Elizabeth Taylor

I did, as an alternate, in Post #20.

Dick Clark
Robert Guillaume
Ed McMahon
Walter Cronkite
Barbara Bush
Patrick Swayze
Billy Graham
Fidel Castro
Nancy Reagan
Hugh Downs
Connie Francis
Nelson Mandela
Muhammed Ali

Amy Winehouse
Lauren Bacall
Clint Eastwood

fidel castro
patrick swayze
50 cent
kirk douglas
michael j. fox
amy winehouse
mahmoud ahmadinejad
barack obama
lena horne
phyllis diller
ernest borgnine
nelson mandela
ricardo montalban

mickey rooney
ray bradbury
zsa zsa gabor

I usually wait till later and think it over. I don’t have time for that this year. No matter, it hasn’t worked for me before. Same as last year but replaced the late Bobby Murcer.

Ariel Sharon
Axl Rose
Steve Jobs
Levon Helm
Terry Pratchett
Paul Prudhomme
Muqtada al-Sadr
Roderick Toombs
Stephen Glover
Pat Summerall
George Steinbrenner
Sean Connery
Chuck Berry

my alternative alternates

Peter O’toole
Colin Farrell
Courtney Love

For another year I have to point out I picked Ariel Sharon before the coma. I’m still not giving up on him.

We now have 40 entrants, who have picked 322 different celebrities. The 2008 totals were 161 and 805.

My 2009 list, a lot of retreads from 2008:

Amy Winehouse
Fidel Castro
Ariel Sharon
Patrick Swayze
Chuck Berry
Bettie Page
Billy Graham
Kirk Douglas
Tim Conway
Robert Novak
Dan Rather
Ted Kennedy
Farrah Fawcett

Michael Jackson
Dick Cheney
Bob Newhart

I’m feeling this is a very strong list of very week people. Hold on folks! Less than 30 days until your death may have meaning!

  1. Kirk Douglas
  2. Mickey Rooney
  3. Andy Rooney
  4. Sumner Redstone
  5. Henry Gibson
  6. Dann Florek
  7. Fred Dalton Thompson
  8. Amy Winehouse
  9. Nichelle Nichols
  10. Sam Waterston
  11. Richard Jenkins
  12. Jack Nicholson
  13. Morgan Freeman

Can you remove the numbers please?

Kirk Douglas
Mickey Rooney
Andy Rooney
Sumner Redstone
Henry Gibson
Dann Florek
Fred Dalton Thompson
Amy Winehouse
Nichelle Nichols
Sam Waterston
Richard Jenkins
Jack Nicholson
Morgan Freeman

Bob Novak
Patrick Swayze
Amy Winehouse
Horatio Sanz
Joe Paterno
Jack Kevorkian
Ted Kennedy
Sharon Osbourne
Elizabeth Edwards
Adam “Pacman” Jones
Ralph Wilson
Eunice Kennedy Shriver
Bettie Page

Lindsay Lohan
Billy Graham

Bob Feller
Stan Musial
Yogi Berra
Joe Paterno
Bobby Bowden
Fidel Castro
Nancy Reagan
Elizabeth Taylor
Maureen O’Hara
Edward “Ted” Kennedy
Don Rickles
Regis Philbin
Bill Russell