The Celebrity Death Pool 2009

But do me a favor and make clear that you are modifying so that I don’t add you in twice.

I thought I did…

You did. Sorry - I quoted your response to gonzomax as you answered his question, but I was really addressing my post to him.

Another year of the BEST and SICKEST PASTTIME ON EARTH!

I’ll submit my list in the closing hours of 2008.

Thanks, Amarone!

Interesting note- there are already twice as many posts in this thread as there were in the previous year’s thread by the fourth of December. I predict an increased turnout this year, as opposed to last year’s slackened turnout.

Since my list from last year is almost entirely still breathing (I’m currently third to last with a big 10 points!), I’ll spend the rest of the month searching out the one, single, solitary replacement I’ll need to finally overtake Captain Lance Murdoch in the coveted “First Loser to Rachm Qoch award!”

Big fat hairy deal. Like I said, mine are writing books on how they beat the Big C. :rolleyes:

Change Alan Osmond for Seve Ballesteros (golfer) Do I rewrite the whole list?

gonzomax, is that thirteen with no alternates?

If so, well and good. But the last three are place like alternates usually are in other folks lists.

So, is that thirteen or what?

You mean the last 3 have to be specifically designated alternates? That is what they are.

We don’t have to have alternates. But shortly after you posted your list for the first time, on the first page, someone reminded you there were only ten in your list, because I guess they assumed the seperate three were alternates.

We’re supposed to have thirteen first choices, not ten, and then up to three alternates.

Just wondering.

I’ve intended to participate for years and it’s slipped my mind every time. I would have scored big last year, too…

[li]Seve Ballesteros, b.1957[/li][li]Patrick Swayze, b. 1952[/li][li]Michael Lohberg- swimming coach, b. 1950[/li][li]Susan Atkins, b. 1948[/li][li]Omar Abdel-Rahman, b. 1938 [/li][li]Elizabeth Taylor, b. 1932[/li][li]Ted Kennedy, b. 1932[/li][li]Robert Novak, b. 1931[/li][li]Jack Kevorkian, b. 1928[/li][li]Fidel Castro, b. 1926[/li][li]Nancy Reagan, b. 1921[/li][li]Bob Shepard- Yankee Stadium PA announcer, b. 1910[/li][li]Frank Buckles- World War I veteran, b. 1901[/li]

[li] Farrah Fawcett, b. 1947[/li][li] George Steinbrenner, b. 1930[/li][li] Amy Winehouse, b. 1983[/li][/ol]
Seve Ballesteros
Patrick Swayze
Michael Lohberg
Susan Atkins
Omar Abdel-Rahman
Elizabeth Taylor
Ted Kennedy
Robert Novak
Jack Kevorkian
Fidel Castro
Nancy Reagan
Bob Shepard
Frank Buckles


Farrah Fawcett
George Steinbrenner
Amy Winehouse

I used them as your selections as you only had ten without them. Plus those three gets you up to the required 13.

I swapped Ballesteros in and Alan Osmond out.

I guess I’ll try to do this again this year but I won’t post my list yet. My guaranteed dead guy, Kevorkian, who supposedly had only months to live years ago keeps plodding along. I guess I will foil everyone’s plans and help out Amy Winehouse by putting her on my list for '09.

Okay, here’s my 2007 & 2008 list again, unless I change my mind-

Shane MacGowan
James Garner
Olympia Dukakis
Peter O’Toole
Ariel Sharon
Clint Eastwood
Sparky Anderson
Ernie Banks
Kirk Douglas
Margaret Thatcher
Ruth Bader Ginsberg
Eunice Shriver
Annette Funicello

I think I’ll use Stephen Hawking as my first alternate.

Damn, these are some of the longest-lived alcoholics, addicts, hard-living, ancient, comatose, cancer-stricken people on the planet! :cool:

Well I am determined to have a crack at it, I have a number of esteemed famous people I am looking forward to preserving the existence of… (snicker) It may even be construed as a combination of un-lurking and being brought up to speed by the good 'dopers on goodreads

And they keep telling us it’s bad for us… sheesh!

[quote=“gonzomax, post:45, topic:475262”]

John Dingell
Pat Swayze
Liz Taylor
Ted Kennedy
Cloris Leachman
Allen Shellberger
Michael Jackson
Amy Winehouse
Seve Ballesteros
Dan Rather
Dick Cheney
George Bush the Elder
Fidel Castro
I guess I should have read it first. Sorry
Sen Robert Byrd
Jerry Lewis
Hugh Hefner

Hulk Hogan
Fidel Castro
Osama bin Laden
Patrick Swayze
Amy Winehouse
Ted Kennedy
John McCain
Barack Obama
Britney Spears
George Takei
Willy Nelson
Stephen Hawking
Quinton “Rampage” Jackson
Been planning on picking Hogan for a couple of months now. Thought my pick would be unique. Rationale is there’s no way he looks that good at his age without being on steroids, and they’re bound to catch up to him eventually.

Ok, Forrest J. Ackerman just died. I would like to replace him with Bettie Page. So now my revised list is:

John Goodman
Fidel Castro
Fyvush Finkel
Kirk Douglas
Ariel Sharon
Eartha Kitt
Patrick Swayze
Lex Luger aka Lawrence Wendell Pfohl
Jack Kevorkian
Ray Harryhausen
Bettie Page
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Jerry Lewis

William Schallert
Beverly Clearly
Doris Day

Wow I had no idea Bettie Paige or Doris Day were still alive. Would’ve guessed they both died at least 20 years ago.