The Celebrity Death Pool 2009

You had better not be very good at this. If those last 3 go, a lot of people will want to hunt you down and hurt you badly.

I betting on a terrorist attack at the San Diego Comic Con.

I mean Paul Harvey Aurandt, the radio guy. Sorry for the confusion.

Thank you for all your hard work on this project each year.

John Paul Stevens
Ted Stevens
Amy Winehouse
Mary-Kate Olsen
Liza Minelli
Janet Jackson
Jade Goody
Bob Barker
Tony Curtis
Ron White
Tim Conway
Eddie Van Halen

John Dingell
Pat Swayze
Liz Taylor
Ted Kennedy
Cloris Leachman
Allen Shellberger
Michael Jackson
Amy Winehouse
Alan Osmond
Dan Rather

Dick Cheney
George Bush the Elder
Fidel Castro

You need 3 more, Gonzo.


Except for the conch (to steal from another game) - Patrick Swayze- and the perrennial Jacko pick, I’m going to go with my tried and true, shares the same birthday as me method – which I’ve just realized takes one out of the running becuase he’s already dead (Jerry Falwell) … but I digress.

  1. Patrick Swayze - cancer patient
  2. Michael Jackson - freakshow
  3. Melky Cabrera - member of the Evil Empire
  4. Lee Suggs - American Football player
  5. Andy Bell - ex-member of Oasis
  6. Joe Rogan - funny tough guy
  7. Richie Ramone - Ramones drummer (82 - 87)
  8. Joe Jackson - Steppin’ Out singer who had much better songs that were never as popular
  9. Terry Bollea - aka Hulk Hogan
  10. Steve Wosniak - Apple dude
  11. Eric Carmen - musician who was all by himself
  12. Ian McDiarmid - Emporer Palpatine
  13. Claus von Bulow - insulin administrator

Plain List

Patrick Swayze
Michael Jackson
Melky Cabrera
Lee Suggs
Andy Bell
Joe Rogan
Richie Ramone
Joe Jackson
Terry Bollea
Steve Wosniak
Eric Carmen
Ian McDiarmid
Claus von Bulow

John Mccain
Paul Mccartney
Ruth Bader Ginsberg
Ray Bradbury
George Lucas
Micheal J. Fox
Mr. Miyagi
Michael Savage
Richard Adams
Nancy Reagan
Stan Lee
Bob Dole
Ted Stevens
Random picks :confused:
Or if you want it formatted

  1. John Mccain
  2. Paul Mccartney
  3. Ruth Bader Ginsberg
  4. Ray Bradbury
  5. George Lucas
  6. Micheal J. Fox
  7. Mr. Miyagi
  8. Michael Savage
  9. Richard Adams
  10. Nancy Reagan
  11. Stan Lee
  12. Bob Dole
  13. Ted Stevens


John Mccain - Pure laugh at Palin possibility choice.
Paul Mccartney - Paul is dead man, paul is dead
Ruth Bader Ginsberg - cancer + Obama administration
Ray Bradbury - Gotta do an author
George Lucas - An enraged fan to prevent messing with a movie
Micheal J. Fox - How do you trace a scatter plot…
Mr. Miyagi- I only refer him to that because that’s what he’s better known as
Michael Savage- We can all wish
Richard Adams- 2nd author, but he’s getting on in years.
Nancy Reagan- no explination needed.
Stan Lee- That’s gonna suck
Bob Dole - and ending on 2 politicians
Ted Stevens - Death is a series of tube

Just to get things on the up and up – a re-listing of my picks to get Hulk Hogan in there instead of his given name:
Patrick Swayze
Michael Jackson
Melky Cabrera
Lee Suggs
Andy Bell
Joe Rogan
Richie Ramone
Joe Jackson
Hulk Hogan
Steve Wosniak
Eric Carmen
Ian McDiarmid
Claus von Bulow

John Goodman
Fidel Castro
Fyvush Finkel
Kirk Douglas
Ariel Sharon
Eartha Kitt
Patrick Swayze
Lex Luger aka Lawrence Wendell Pfohl
Jack Kevorkian
Ray Harryhausen
Forrest J Ackerman
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Jerry Lewis

William Schallert
Beverly Clearly
Doris Day

Pat Morita who played Miyagi died like 3 years ago.

Please forgive me. I seem to have listed Paul Harvey twice. Further, I did not pick up on it even when someone tried to give me a clue. Please add ex-FLOTUS Nancy Reagan in for the second Paul H. Again, I appreciate all your work on this and am sorry to have caused you the trouble.

Billy Graham
Kirk Douglas
Margaret Thatcher
Elizabeth Taylor
Ronnie Biggs
Harold Pinter
Dick Cheny
Fidel Castro
Paul Harvery
Bob Barker
Ariel Sharon
Nancy Reagan
Ernest Borgnine

Mohammed Ali

Frank Cady
Michael Foot
Jack LaLanne
Art Linkletter
Karl Malden
Kevin McCarthy
Mitch Miller
Harry Morgan
Les Paul
David Rockefeller
Sargent Shriver
Gloria Stuart
Norman Wisdom

Alternate 1: Eli Wallach
Alternate 2: Courtney Love

Thanks for doing this, amarone.

Dear God, *Frank Cady *is still alive! (He’s 93!)
ETA: and his wife died less than four months ago after 58 years of marriage!

I am going with a lot of long shot druggies with a few old people/cancer patients thrown in for luck.

Here is my list:

Patrick Swayze
Lil Wayne
Amy Winehouse
Blake Fielder-Civil
David Letterman
Ed McMahon
Mary-Kate Olsen
Scott Weiland
Axl Rose
Farrah Fawcett
Gary Dourdan
Tom Sizemore

Queen Elisabeth II
Ed Furlong

While never admitting that this is one of the prmary reasons I joined the Straight Dope (because how weird is that?), I submit the following list.

Ted Kennedy
Keith Richards
Amy Winehouse
Jerry Lewis
Kim Jong-il
Bill Clinton
MaryKate Olsen
Brittney Spears
Fidel Castro
Dick Cheney
Lance Armstrong
Vladimir Putin
Hamid Karzai

Nancy Reagan
Billy Graham

Can you modify your list until dec 31 or are you stuck with it.

Did you really need to quote the entire OP to ask that question?

Ah, I’m just cranky because not a single person on my '08 list had the decency to die. The good news is that I have a perfectly good list, which I herewith replay:

Pete Doherty
Farrah Fawcett
Mitzi Gaynor
Wink Martindale
Liza Minnelli
Jaye P. Morgan
Bettie Page
Ron Popeil
William Safire
Vidal Sassoon
Phyllis Schlafley
Paul Verhoeven
Amy Winehouse
Alternate: Joyce Brothers

You can change at will up to 13:59:59 CST on 31 December.

Make that 23:59:59 CST. :smack: