The Cheap Detecive

Which Bogart movies do I have to show Mrs. Plant before she can appreciate this film?
I’m thinking The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca.

I might throw in The Big Sleep, too. It’s not necessary background, just a great movie.

“Don’t call me ‘darling’ in front of the police, with a dead husband.”

Not a Bogart movie but add Murder My Sweet with Dick Powell as Philip Marlowe. Some classic lines:

How about The Black Bird or Murder by Death?

Murder by Death does make a good double-feature with the Cheap Detective. But it’s not a necessary prerequisite.

Also not Bogart, but it is a Philip Marlow and of the style.

“Lady in the Lake” with Robert Montgomery in the lead role. In places a hair more light hearted than Bogart would play it, but still well done.

I’m thinking you answered your own question. There are lots of other great noir films, but those happen to be the two main inspirations for The Cheap Detective, as well as a great introduction to the genre.

As for The Black Bird or Murder by Death, I don’t see why you would watch a parody in order to appreciate another parody, rather than watch the source material. You might enjoy Spaceballs,* but surely Star Wars would give you more understanding of Blue Harvest.

*Purely hypothetical.

I think you could (well, possibly) say that Murder by Death is meant as more of an homage than a parody. I would like to say the same about The Black Bird because I truly love the concept that the The Black Bird put out there, but really, it was just a parody.

Also you might want to screen “To Have and Have Not”.
Just for the reference about ‘you know how to whistle, don’t you?’

Plus it’s just a great movie. Bogey and Bacall backed up by Walter Brennan and Hoagy Carmichael.

I don’t remember a “you know how to whistle” reference in The Cheap Detective; I haven’t seen it in a while, and that movie is so full of jokes that one or two may be eluding my memory for the moment. There is a parody of that scene in Ded Men Don’t Wear Plaid.

It’s there, but I don’t recall the context. I thought it was from The Big Sleep, but I’m probably confusing “go ahead and scratch.” :slight_smile: