The Chicago Cubs To Be Put Up For Sale......Well I'll be!

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Quite the development I’d say. Not exactly out of the blue since there have recently been rumors that the Cubs would be up for sale, but the fact that it’s happening in this manner is a bit unexpected. The Tribune Company will be turned into a private company under Zell and as such the sale of the Cubs would seem to be a simpler process than as part of a publicly held corporation. Though it will be interesting to see if this announcement is simply a business move to effect the stock price.

Most people have killed The Trib for their leadership of the franchise but it’s hard to argue that they haven’t done a hell of a job of raising in the team and it’s certainly a fan friendly experience in and around the neighborhood. Looking at wins and losses it’s pretty bleak, but that’s not a publicly held companies priorities.

I personally would LOVE to see Mark Cuban as the owner. What fun that would be!

Here you go: For Sale: Major League Baseball Team, Hasn’t Won It All Since 1908

And on that note, let’s go out to the other ballgame.

Normally, I would leave this open, as different forums can provide different perspectives, but in this case, I don’t expect much difference from the existing thread.