The Chinese Threat !!!

Oh yes… the Big Chinese Threat, 7’-1" Wang Zhizhi. The “Chinese chalupa” is in Dallas and kickin’ ass. Scored six points with 3 rebounds in eight minutes as Dallas thumped Atlanta.

You can’t stop him – he’s got mad skills. His junk is outstanding!! Get out da way and watch him play!

Just havin’ fun with my playoff-bound Mavs. And I’ve got tickets for the Jazz saturday night!

Good Lord, man! That’s like shooting flies with a shotgun. The Hawks could be thumped with a wet chinese noodle.

Dr. J (I just thought this moniker would be appropriate when talking NBA), I am not so pumped about the victory over Atlanta as I am excited for Wang Zhizhi. This helps portray Dallas as an international city, and maybe we’ll get about a billion chinese fans too!

This Mavs team is a lot of fun to watch. I can’t wait for Saturday night vs. the Utah Jazz. These two teams are tied for 4th place in the Western Conference, so it oughta be a war for homecourt advantage in the playoffs. Maybe Wang will smack Malone in the freakin’ mouth.

Anybody who thinks the NBA is boring needs to watch this team play. Even the owner is exciting. And I think it’s a damn shame Don Nelson isn’t being considered for Coach of the Year.

Well, hardcore, I think we are the only Mavs fans here, so I guess I’ll have to say you were right. Dallas lost that game to the Jazz and therefore lost homecourt advantage in the playoffs, but so what? Dallas paid them back tonight with the miracle win over Utah in the playoffs!!

I really like the way you think. I totally agree with your comment about Nelson too. You must be a freakin’ genius.

Way to go, Mavs!!! Congratulations!!

pipe down guys! jeeze gotta watch out when all these mavs fans get together.

tell ya what though… i like that ZhiZhi! to say he has a soft touch is an incredible understatement. He’s going to be fun to watch and could do great things for the league.

Yeah, his PR value alone is tremendous, and his game ain’t bad either. Wait till he learns to speak English fairly well. I wonder how you say “Take it to the Rack!!” in chinese?