The Chrysler Building

i have seen one picture of this building taken at night. The diamonds on the art-deco style tower supposedly glow blue at night. Do they? I’m sure this building was put up before anybody ever thought about aircraft warning lights…

Sounds like a GQ, but what the heck.

Along the same lines… I heard some time ago that there’s supposedly a restaurant in the spire. I don’t remember the details, but I remember the person saying it was closed soon after the building opened and hasn’t been used since.

Any Truth to this?

Thanks, Shiva. :slight_smile: (Frankly, I have never been to New York myself; I just saw a picture of this.)
That would really be a waste, Cnote Chris. :frowning:

Well I’ll be damned- I found it.

The Cloud Club. * Previewing revealed it wouldn’t link to the correct page. At the top, click ‘Cloud Club + Observatory’.

Some damn cool pictures of the club/restaurant I’d heard about. Check out the links towards the bottom of the page too.

It really is a shame it couldn’t be used.

Do a Google seach on Chrysler building.

The sites mention there was an observatory in the spire for a while. It is now office space.

The Cloud Club, long closed, was on the top floors, supossedly a prohibition era speakeasy. One site mentions someone talking last year about putting a restaurant where the Cloud Club used to be.