The city you live in

OK, In another effort for me to get to know you all better, I ask you this.

What is monumental about the town you live in, then say something about the closest known town, so we know where the heck you are talking about.
Umatilla, FL
-We have an Orange Juice Factory, by the name of Golden Gem, smells like rotten oranges when you drive by, yum.
-Once a year they have a black bear festival??
-Known for its over population of Rednecks.
-downtown consists of a Library, Post Office and a Lake County Weed & Feed.
About and hour outside of the Land of the Mouse in FL.
Keep it short and sweet please.


Never ending traffic jams of 13 million people trying to commute with incredibly inefficient public transportation…

A yummy smell of air pollution - worse than anybody in the bay area can think of these days…(Yummy, because that is like nature to me…When in a different part of the world I go around chasing cars to smell their exhaust for a breath of fresh air…

And the enlivening odor of sewage coming from the world famous Goýlden Horn is worthy of mention.

Dirty streets…even around the world famous monuments like the Blue Mosque and The Saint Sophia…

And I must mention the Bosphorus…It is such a miraulously beautiful landscape right in the middle of the town that the efforts of millions of people in at least the last 50 years -putting up ugly buildings on the slopes, dumping anything in the sea etc. have done nothing to deduct from the beauty!!

I’ll bite… why not???

I live in North Port, FL. Not a lot monumental but…

  1. We have the Warm Mineral Springs - the “Fountain of Youth” that Ponce de Leon was looking for when he discovered Florida.
  2. We are the third largest city, land wise, in the state of Florida… but our population is still relatively small.
  3. Hi Opal!

As far as the nearest largest city… Venice, FL. What? You’ve never heard of it? Well, what about Sarasota or Bradenton? Nope, neither of those either? Ummm… St Petersburg? Tampa? That’s to the North. Let’s try the South… Port Charlotte? Punta Gorda? Fort Myers?

Oh, I give up! Go look it up on a map yourself! :smiley:

Current home: Woodbury, Minnesota

Famous for urban sprawl, amazingly fast, poorly planned growth, and a frickin’ coffee joint on every corner. It’s just outside St. Paul (home of Jesse). Oh, yeah. And snow. Lots of it.

New home: Austin (or San Antonio), Texas

Famous for missions, battlegrounds, awesome civic festivals, arts, food, universities, and wildflowers.

Guess which I like better.


I know where all these cities are, My mommy lives in Naples.
You know, across the state from Miami!

LOL! :smiley:

Though, I usually expect that Floridians can get at least Sarasota, Fort Myers, and Tampa/St Pete. But I often say “near Venice” as a reference (or that I went to Venice High School) and I get “Do you mean Venice, Italy?” ARG!!! :slight_smile:

I live in a small town outside a big city called Dundee, on the East coast of Scotland. I was born in Dundee but grew up in South Africa, so the thing that always amazes me about Dundee, is the way people talk,for eg,an ingin in an aw,apparently means an onion one aswell. Huh?
Ok serious note now, historically (sp?) its called the city of discovery because captain Scott sailed a ship called the discovery to Antartica where they got frozen and trapped in ice for two winters.
If your interested in the story here’s the link

Thats about it :slight_smile:

London. Big, lots of people, some litter, an underground system that tries hard, a few famous people in history. Half of it is a monument, and the nearest large ‘known’ town is, well, New York probably.

Charlotte - Wants to be the next Atlanta, screwing its citizens in the process.

Reporting in from Muncie, Indiana. Ummm the only neat factoid about my town is it’s where Marsh was started. Oh oh the guy that draws Garfield (Jim Davis I think) lives here in Muncie. Oh yeah it also produced late night star David Letterman (went to BSU). And finally the closest big town is Indianapolis. I don’t know anything about Indy.

Las Vegas. What a beautiful city… for vacationers who go from the airport to the strip then back again.

The rest of the city is shit. It’s dirty. Gang tags on every blank space of wall and light pole. People living in poverty and in the parks.

Oppressive heat… weather that never changes.

Surrounding mountains, barren, with the look of huge piles of construction dirt.

Any arts? Not much… not unless it travels to a casino.

Any museums? …well… does the liberache museum count?

The boring stuff:[list]
[li]Geologically stable (no earthquakes)[/li][li]Climatologically moderate (yeah it gets cold and hot but not many tornadoes,cyclones, killer mudslides, hurricanes, etc.[/li][li]Centrally located (easy to get most places)[/li][li]fantastic infrastructure/municipal services[/li]
The cool stuff:
[li]Lake Michigan; swimming, boating, fishing, keeps the temps moderate.[/li][li]said lakefront is almost entirely devoid of buildings-20+ miles of parkfront with unlimited recreation potential.[/li][li]world class museums, symphony, theatre.[/li][li]Incredible culinary diversity-anything you want at almost any time of day.[/li][li]wonderful “neighborhoods” Chicago(and maybe Paris) are the only multi million population centres I have been in where you can you get a real sense of community on a local sense.[/li][li]Wrigley Field[/li][li]All the good looking,smart, men and women from the Midwest seem to migrate here so the scenery is atypical for the Midwest ;)[/li]
I’m here!!

I currently live in Aberdeen, Scotland. It’s about 3 hours north of Edinburgh. Noteables:
It’s the oil capital of Europe
It’s home to one of the four ancient universities of Scotland (founded in 1495)
Balmoral’s nearby; so are dozens of other castles (and also distilleries)
It’s made almost entirely of grey granite (hence its nickname the “Granite City”)
It’s one of the most expensive cities in which to live in the UK
It’s windy all the freakin’ time
I can’t wait to move

School town: Hyde Park, IL
[li]Home of the University of Chicago (where I am)[/li][li]Where plutonium was discovered[/li][li]That whole controlled nuclear reaction thing? Right here, right under where they’re building new dorms.[/li][li]Home of the Medici restaurant on 57th, where, according to Dan Savage, some of the cutest waiters can be found. (I concur.)[/li][li]Everything MikeG said about Chicago too.[/li][/ul]

Home town: Moline, IL
[li]It’s on the Mississippi, which we learn to spell forwards and backwards in grade school. (ippississiM)[/li][li]The world headquarters of John Deere, Inc. are three blocks away from my house.[/li][li]Did I mention it’s on the Mississippi? (ippississiM)[/li][li]There are lots of nummy Mexican restaurants downtown.[/li][li]ippississiMMississippi <---- don’t that just look cool?[/li]We have corn.

See what I mean about Chicago’s communities? poor Tiggeril thinks she is in a different town fer cryin’ out loud!

(Hyde Park is one of Chicago’s neighborhoods)

I am currently going to school in Ashland, WI, way, way up north on Lake Superior. Near Bayfield and the Apostle Islands.

We are famous for the Lake, of course, except that it’s actually pretty filthy here in town, thanks to decades of nasty industy and being a major port city. Some time ago though, Duluth, MN, (about 70 miles W) became the big port city, so now they’ve got all the pollution and we’ve got tourism. :slight_smile: It’s still filthy-nasty, though. I think the marina is a Superfund site, I know they were considering it…

But a mile or two out of town the Lake is beautiful. And nearby are Copper Falls State Park, Chequamegon National Forest, and miles and miles of still-wild wilderness. What I love best about living here is that from campus I can walk for 10 minutes and be lost in forest wonderland.

As for events, today, actually, there is the “Book Across the Bay” which is a snowshoe race across the frozen Lake from Ashland to Washburn. Plus there are lots of other typical small-town amusement festivals, but I don’t really pay attention.

About 4 seconds of the movie “A Simple Plan” was shot in Ashland. This was before my time here, but what I hear is that the movie people were here for months, but almost none of the Ashland scenes were actually included in the finished movie. I watched it and I didn’t recognize anything.
I’m originally from Almond, WI, famous for potatoes. Yup, that’s pretty much it. Every July there is a festival called, brace yourself, “Tator Toot.”

Also, about 5 miles from Almond is Plainfield, WI, home of creepy-guy extrordinaire Ed Gien. So that’s fun.

I live in Lake Mary, FL

[li]It is 30 minutes from Micky mouse.[/li][li]It is a rather stuck-up town where all the people think they are too good for you.[/li][li]It is well taken care of and looks pretty[/li][li]It has grown before my eyes in the past 10 years amazingly fast. From cow fields to Taco Bell.[/li]Is the base city of a lot of buisness. AAA headquarters are here, if you break down in your car.

Well, I live in Troy, NY. Not the most pleasent of cities. And of course the school is right in the middle of the most ghetto part of the city. There are nice parts near the river. Oh yeah, Troy is the birthplace of Uncle Sam. It’s right outside ALbany, NY.

But I grew up in Bristol, VT. A beautiful little town with a small population where everyone knows each other. We are lucky enough to have NO fast-food or chain restaurants, no box stores, no malls, very nice.
Well, seeing as there is really only one “well-known” city in Vermont (Burlington) I will say that we are 25 miles south of it. Actually, we are just above Middlebury as well (home to Middlebury college.)

Well, that’s it.

Rastas and punks sitting around by the river (smoking),
tourists in “traditional Austrian clothing” swarming through the Getreidegasse (main shopping street in the innter city), traffic jams, a shop that sells x-mas stuff all year round and a shop that sells easter-decoration all year round, a place by the cafe Glockenspiel that looks like it s Italien, hourse-carriages waiting for customers, in the old part of the city you could pretend to be in the midages, the castle (now painted white with spotlights in the night),…

oh and Mozart chocolate.