The Cleaver Sleeve!


BY Eldridge De Paris!

The Cleaver Sleeve


I’m SO HAPPY to see you!

not quite SFW

I THOUGHT that’s what this might be.
I remember this. I’m not at all surprised that the Modern Codpiece didn’t catch on.

I’m a little disappointed. I always thought Eldridge Cleaver pants were backwards chaps, and just let your schlong and nuts hang out there in the breeze. They are rather modest compared to what I had in mind. Modern day codpiece, indeed!

How could that ever be comfortable, or even safe?

Unless it’s just a fake stuffed genitalia-shaped ornament on the front of the trouser, it means you have to carefully pack the meat ‘n’ two through a hole in the front of the fabric, into the little shaped pouch.
Thus intruded, any vertical or transverse movement of the cloth relative to the crotchal area is going to result in a sort of scissor effect, whereby the fleshy man-stalk-parts are going to be constricted quite painfully and possibly resulting in some harm.


  • takes a close look at the Cleaver Sleeve *

Oh my … Ah! I get it now! Cock of the walk!

I’m an idiot.