The Climate Nightmare is Here

This isn’t an anomaly; this is proof of climate change. The Western U.S. has a very, very bleak future, which includes temperatures that humans will simply not be able to survive.

The record for DV was set in 1914. Also, Death Valley does not influence the weather for the entire Western portion of the US.
This is called a heat wave, it’s happened before, it will happen again.
Also, look up the difference between “weather” and “climate.”

You will see. The Western United States is approaching total collapse.

The Milky Way is approaching the Andromeda galaxy too. At over 100km per second!

See what? Back in 2006, where I live had 21 days straight of over 100 topping out at 113(new record). Last year(and the year before, etc.), summer temps were normal, climate doesn’t change in one year.

The actual science does seem to pointing to this heat wave and this long term drought as being powered by climate change.

I think asahi posts are a bit stronger than science suggests but not without merit at least. A big part of it is the Pacific Northwest experiencing temperatures not seen before. Western Canada also.

There have been several articles for legit publication about this lately.

You have no idea. We’re talking about baked oceans and the collapse of ecosystems.

Baked sea creatures, too… a billion of them…

But, hey! It’s just normal weather fluctuations, amirite? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

1913, actually. July 10, 1913.

But the Western portion of the US may well influence Death Valley…

Three triple-digit heat waves over extensive areas in one month is a bit out of the norm. But hey, keep telling yourself whatever keeps you comfortable.

Here’s an idea – take your baseless fear-mongering someplace else.

It’s not baseless; it’s based on very obvious science. I’m sorry you don’t like facts. Here’s an idea - take your fact-free worldview some place else. Whaddya say, chum?

So recent NY Times article:

Scientific America:

And the AP:

I think these are 3 of the most respected news services.

But I’m sure I can find a dozen more.

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Except this hasn’t been “one year”, and it isn’t just about you personally reside. In fact, 2014 through 2019 were the hottest years on record (per NOAA NCEI and NASA GISS data as of Janurary 2020, see first link below), 2020 tied with 2016 for hottest year on record (second link below). The US Western ‘heat dome’ aside, 2021 is actually only on track to be in the top 10 hottest years on record (third link).

You can, of course, jump up and down and insist that “correlation is not causation”, although that becomes an increasingly untenable argument given the measured rise in anomalous ocean heat content which is strongly correlated to the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide:

The North American heat dome effect is explicable in terms of large thermal gradients in the Pacific Ocean from west to east. Such gradients can only occur because of disruption of the North Pacific Gyre which would normally cold water down from the Alaskan Stream and Arctic Ocean influx through the Bering Sea. Without colder water to sink and mix down to the thermocline mass exchange layer, the top layer of the ocean does not provide a moderating effect:

Whether the US West Coast is facing ecological catastrophe or will become periodically uninhabitable in some specific timeframe is still an unknown, but these effects are predicted by global climate circulation models in the “Much Worse” (RCP8.5) projections.

Even if you believe that temperatures will not rise to a point of preventing human habitability of the region (probably not in the next few decades, at least), the ecosystems, agriculture, and dense urban populations of the West Coast are highly dependent upon water derived from seasonal snowpack, and if that disappears the entire region essentially becomes a large desert. It is scarcely hyperbolic to note that ecosystem collapse for many species is a likely outcome, as are megafires, dry reservoirs, and an inability to sustain one of the largest all-season agricultural regions in the world.


Just remember that you’re standing
On a planet that’s evolving
And revolving at a 900 miles an hour…

Actually, faster than that at the equator

More and more I find myself trying to figure out a way to move north…

Sure, there’s climate change up there, too, but at least the temperatures are survivable.

Actually I think this is more appropriate given the subject matter:


The problem is, sooner or later, a lot of other people will have the same idea.