The Closer (TV)

Dammit. I wanted to like Kyra Sedgewicks’s new show THE CLOSER . Why does Hollywood have to treat southerners like illiterates. When Kyra says “They was…” it lost all credibility. And the rest was quite good, but all I really remember was a bad accent and worse grammer. Anybody with me?

I thought it was good, but that accent…OY :smack:

Wouldn’t you like them to do a cosmic do-over and lose the accent and start all over again? I would. I probably won’t be watching it again because of the accent. Very abrasive :frowning:

I think the point of the accent was that “sophisticated” folks in LA would think she was a hick, giving them even more reason to dislike her. I thought the show was pertty good, except that it was obvious about half-way thru that the Math Genius Gug and the “Lesbo” Activist Chick were one and the same.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad show, but it’s no “The Shield” or even “CSI”, although they may need more time to develop the characters as those others shows have done.

Yeah, a do-over would be great. I really liked the premise enough to wait and catch Six Feet Under later this week. I could have been a big fan, but that accent :: Cringe ::

Great, another southerner as hick stereotype. I am sure you are right. I am even more tired of that that the bad accents.

Will not be tuning in next week…

Um… wasn’t the point that it was showing the sophisticated types that the person they thought was a hick is running circles around all of them?

Ie, turning the stereotype on its head?

I never believed for a minute that this character was actually from Atlanta. The accent sounded like that of someone who had never been to the south, but was auditioning for a high school production of Steel Magnolias.