The Club car security - which model?

I’m planning on buying a Club steering wheel lock, but on their site I see they have at least 4 basic models, ranging in price from $29.99 to $42.99.

Does anyone have any experience or opinion why certain of these models would be prefereable to others?

All can be bypassed by experienced thieves. Better to own a crappy car that nobody wants to steal for parts.

Yeah - 30 seconds with a hacksaw will cut through my steering wheel.
But I was still thinking it might be of some value to have a highly visible deterrent for any less determined joyriders.

And most people would think my ride (a 62 Corvair) IS a crappy car!

Between me and my Mig we’ve had five cars stolen. Since we got the club (it was the least expensive version) we’ve had almost no trouble. I’m guessing it’s a deterrent for some would-be thieves because there was one final attempt where we ended up with a cracked windshield, an emptied glove box and they pulled the seats about in a way that made it seem like they were looking for loose change.

And they were crappy cars we’d have assumed nobody would want. They may have been crappy but it’s all we had.

Freeze with upside down can of dust cleaner, hit with hammer.

It should stop un-prepared theives at least.
BTW, The shield looks good as I had never seen it before.

The brake pedal model is better. I use one. Much harder to cut through a brake pedal.

Thieves want older, nondescript cars because they make good get-away cars for another crime. That’s what a guy told me when I was telling him how some guys tried to get me (female alone in older car at the time) to pull over by yelling that I had a flat tire… Instead of pulling over right away though, I rode until I came to a busy carwash (rush hour in the summer) to check. This was before cellphones and I wanted to pull over where I could use a phone, choosing to risk ruining a tire. Turned out I didn’t have a flat and I was puzzled about what they were up to…

Seconded. We’ve got one for our Mustang.

On the topic of (my) crappy car, full disclosure would have me acknowledge that my ignition switch is broken such that it does not turn to lock. GMs of that vintage do not need a key to switch from OFF to ON - so any yahoo could just reach into my car (if locked, they could bust the convenient wing window) turn the switch and drive off. So until I figure out that situation, I thought a club might be a cheap visible deterrent - or a way to minimize the damage someone could easily cause. I’ll look into the brake locks.

Steering wheels bend and deform, making it a very quick job to remove the Club with a hard smack. No need to touch the lock. The deterrent power is mostly psychological for unprepared joyriders. Any model will work the same.

Don’t know about the gas pedal models, they sounds a bit more useful.