The Coast of Maine: I need B & B recommendations, please :)

I’m traveling to Maine in a little while and I would like to stay in a nice B & B with my future wife. [Breifly: we had to forgoe our honeymoon due to my being on travel a week after the wedding. So we have to wait till January for that] So I thought a nice Bed and breakfast would be wonderful.

Anyone know any? Anywhere on the coast of Maine really. Linsk would be wonderful. I know a certain Moderator with a keen affection for Books lives in Maine. Any Ideas?

The Harraseeket in Freeport is nice although somewhat pricey, to my mind. I haven’t been there in years though. And Freeport itself is kind of a tourist trap.

I used to live in Dresden, Maine. These places are nice:

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Have a great trip, though. That was on my short list of vacations this year, even though it lost out. Have a bowl of horseshoe crab soup for me!

I live just down the street from the Galen C. Moses house. It’s a lovely and interesting house, and you’re bound to meet interesting people there. Bath also has several other nice B&Bs. But what are you interested in seeing while there? We have lots of things to do in the area (eg, Maine Maritime Museum), but it’s hard to know what your interests are, and much of what vacationers like to do here is difficult in January.

We want to have a wonderful view, nice folks, good dining, and great rooms with plenty of privacy…

OK I have THE B&B for you.

This is a link to the room my wife and I stayed in on our honeymoon in 2001. Just click on the homepage from there…

Marty (the inn manager/owner) is great. He will cook you practically anything you want for breakfast, and will suprise you with a gourmet breakfast if you want to leave it to him.

Check out the view from the bed! You will be gently wakened by the sun rising over East Booth Bay Harbor.

We chose this B&B because my wife wanted a clawfoot tub (go figure) and this bathroom has one.

The bed is the most comfortable I have ever slept in. There is a gas stove in the room and a tv with DVDs and videos if you want to stay in.

You have complete privacy. You also have a deck overlooking the bay off of your room.

The actual inn itself was an old store which Marty has renovated without sparing ANYTHING in the details.

Drive 5 minutes and you will be dockside at the marina where you can get REAL Maine lobster rolls. (send me one!) Drive 10 minutes to Booth Bay proper and you will have a choice of several great places to eat. In between there are great steak places/burger joints (real burger joints-not fast food) and local hangouts. MArty can help you find what you need.

I cannot say enough about this place. If you go you must tell me what you thought!

When are you going?

I see you are in Boston. Have you been to Newbury Port?

Couple of great places there also fit the bill, and the town is neat.

Camden is nice–a nice town to stay in, plus a good location for venturing north or south.

We stayed in the Blue Harbor House. It’s nice. The owners also raise leader dogs for the blind, which is pretty cool.

The husband can be a little annoyingly persistent about what he considers to be “can’t-miss” attractions, but otherwise, nice place.

We found “The Insider’s Guides” to Maine (they’ve now got one for Southern cost and one for mid-coast–I think they just had one when we used them) to be a fabulous resource. It pointed us to some super restaurants that we otherwise would have missed.

We did our “honeymoon do-over” in Maine, too, BTW. I got really sick on our honeymoon. Alas, honeymoon #2 was only a slight improvement, as I was extremely tired and queasy the whole time. Figured out on our flight home that maybe I was pregnant. (DUH!) Other than not feeling well, we really enjoyed it.

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Did you make a reservation?

Oh I’m sorry for not posting back. We are staying at The Tides in Bar Harbor. It came highly recommended and it sounds absolutely lovely. The Inn Keeper is a gem as well. I’m excited!!