The constant embarassment just makes me dead inside...

Sometimes I feel like I’m a magnet for embarassment/humiliation. The funny thing is that it has done two things for me-

1.) Builds my tolerance for embarassment. There’s really not much I can get ‘totally humiliated’ over anymore. If there has been something that I can get embarassed over, its probably already happened to me at some point in the past. Its not upsetting, more like a joke that isn’t as funny anymore.

2.)Gives me a weird interest in seeing other embarassing moments. I like reading about other people’s humiliating moments because it probably makes me feel better about what’s happened to my own. I guess it puts it into perspective- we all get embarassed once in a while.

Last weekend my girlfriend and I were enjoying a quiet saturday. When I was younger I used to (ashamedly enough) watch japanese hentai videos. For one reason or another, I still had them. Now I’ve been very frank with my girlfriend- there isn’t anything about me that she would find out that I haven’t told her about. One reason is because I don’t want to deal with any bombshells “You voten for Regan?! you MONSTER!” and so forth. Also, the post about googling your SO kind of reminded me that I’d rather my SO know pretty much everything about me and be cool with it, rather than find out something years down the line and suddenly their attitude about me does a 180 (which I think is kind of odd- you’d think you’d either bring it up at some point or not care). Anyway, we were talking about hentai, and as it turns out she actually does like watching porn, and we even bought a few DVDs and watched them together. She was interested in seeing the hentai with me.

Now this gave me pause. I don’t know why, but for some reason, getting caught watching cartoon characters having sex…I dunno it just seems more embarassing than live-action porn. At my house the only VHS player is in the family room, so we had to deal with the possibility of a roomate coming by and seeing what we were watching. I decided to go along with it, what’s the worst that can happen? However I couldn’t get the video player to work. My girlfriend asked my landlord for help, which I thought was a bad idea- what if the video starts playing when he’s right there?

Well, sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. And it didn’t play a part of the tape with something benign, oh no, it was some anime dude banging away at some anime girl, with eyes too big and a freakishly tiny mouth. Honestly I think the landlord (and his wife, who was RIGHT THERE :smack: )were more embarassed than I was. I thanked him for the help and he politely offered to leave us alone for an hour to enjoy the program.

My girlfriend thinks the whole situation is hilarious. I guess I can’t say I’m THAT embarassed, since I’ve been embarassed about so many other things I’m kind of ‘dead inside’ in that regard. Sooo, anyone else have a similar situation? where they were embarassed by something, but it was along the nature of “this happened so many times all I can really do is shake my head and sigh”

Did you really vote for Reagan?

No. I wasn’t old enough to vote.

Well it only happened once but it was very similar to what happened to you.

I had some friends over, guys and gals, and we decided to watch a movie. So I turn on the dvd player and go into my bedroom, where I keep my movies, to get the movie we decided on.

Well my player has the feature that if you stop a movie before it ends and turn off the player then the next time you turn on the player it asks you if you want to play from current location.

So one of the guys hits play to see what I was watching and yep you guessed it nekkid people were performing the mating ritual. And the volume on the player, which is connected to a surround sound system and not tied into the tv’s volume, was up pretty high and the people were moaning pretty loudly.

So I bolt into the living room to see everyone turn their heads at me and seeing the “OH MY HOLY FUCKING DONKEY KONG!” look on my face they all started laughing. They were ribbing me about it the rest of the night.

That was several years ago and it seems they have forgotten about it because it has been at least a year since someone cracked a joke.

I think it would have been more embarrassing without your GF present. Imagine if the landlord and wife had witnessed this and you were alone or standing there with another guy.

The landlord may actually be jealous that your girl likes to watch porn with you.

I got a story too. It sounds like I’m ducking this but it really happened to a close friend of mine.

She was selling a bedroom set that was in her spare bedroom. What she didn’t know is that when her hubby had made plans about a month before to “change locations” to the spare bedroom for sex he also stuck some toys in between the mattress and the box springs. They ended up in the guest bedroom but he forgot that he had planted props.

Later, she was showing the bedroom set to a man and wife and, when she pulled off the bedding and picked up the mattress to show them, out pops mama’s little helper.

She said there was nothing she could do at that point except say “Oops” and toss the vibrator into the closet.

The couple didn’t buy the bed set.

Why do you need your landlord and his wife to fix your VCR? Did it come with the apartment?

When I was a teen, I went to a Catholic school. It was quite a drive from our house, about 25 miles. This led to having some late nights after a football game and a dance so we, my older brother and I could stay out pretty late.

After one game and dance, we and a friend, were persuaded by my brother to try out the local porn theatre. (I’m so old they still had porn movie theatres) It’s all OK but pretty creepy. The movie ends about 30 mins after we went in but I was now fully sexually educated. However, my brother can not find the car keys. Our friend leaves, he lives nearby. We have no choice but to call home, wake up the whole house and ask for someone, my dad, to bring us the spare set of keys.

“You’re at the school?”

“Not exactly”

“Where are you?”


Still get teased about that.

I have a similar story. I went out of town with some friends. When one of the guys and I were in the hotel room, I knelt to turn on the TV - and the previous guy had left it on a raunchy porn channel, with the volume cranked. I mean, this guy was going at it full tilt with some girl, and everything was visible. I think I turned about 20 shades of red. Funny if I had done it to someone else, though.

Incubus, it could have been worse. It could have been tentacle porn you guys were watching. :eek:

I rent a room in a house. All the common areas are ‘shared’. I only needed HIS help. She just followed him out :smack:

He’s a cool landlord, probably the best I have ever had. We share raunchy stories with each other anyway so it wasn’t massively embarassing.

I told my girlfriend I should have played dumb and blamed in on my other roomate. “This isn’t my home movies. JOEY WHAT ARE YOUR TAPES DOING IN HERE?!” or something along those lines. :smiley:

I learned how to take apart a VCR and put it back together really fast one time when I got a porn tape stuck in my parents’ VCR about 10 minutes before they were due to arrive home.

Which reminds me, God probably hates me, because I only thank him when I narrowly avoid getting caught with porn, etc.