The consumption of summertime salads

I cannot, for whatever reason, eat salads as a meal in the winter, or at least the cool season which lasts from October until the end of May where I’m located.

Now that warm temperatures are here, I love making salads for supper. I have eaten a homemade salad of different pedigrees now for three nights running, and I just love the taste, texture, and everything about it. I added some peanuts tonight, for the hell of it.

Salads are magnificent meals: in the summer.

I eat salads all year round, but I agree that they are better in the summer. In the winter, I eat a lot of cabbage based salads. I buy bags of coleslaw and whip up an Asian dressing, add some almonds and a few chow mein noodles and I am set.

In the summer, I eat a much wider variety. Caprese salad is a favourite. Garden salads and spring mixes are the best. I have a pot on my deck with all the leaves needed for a spring mix salad. I just go out, harvest what I need and eat it. So good. And it grows so fast, I can eat it almost every day.

Tomato wedges, red onion and cucumber in a red wine vinegar dressing is my go to summer salad. You can make a big bowl of it and it’ll last in the fridge for a week. I sprinkle a little feta cheese on top before serving.

I grow all the herbs I’d ever need/want but not the spring mix lettuce leaves. And you say you grow them in a pot? Do tell! Which varieties are best? How long for the seeds to come up? How long is their growing season?

I just buy the pot at the grocery store in the spring. It is wide and shallow. You could do it from seed, but I am not that ambitious. It has about six different “lettuces” in it. Red and green oak leaf are definitely two of them, but I am not super familiar with the names of the rest. I will check to see if there is a tag on it somewhere. It is the best salad.