The costs of the Baumgartner Stratos jump

Are there any estimates or hard numbers of the cost of the Baumgartner jump?

What were the fixed costs which wouldn’t have to be repaid if it were done a second time?
What were the variable costs? How much of that was in helium?

Notwithstanding the safety issue, how much would it have cost if helium had been replaced with hydrogen?

The Stratos site says the balloon/capsule rig weighs 3700 pounds before being filled with helium. Given the lifting capacity of helium, they had to have filled it with 58,000 cubic feet of helium. Current price of helium appears to be $84 per 1000 cubic feet, so the helium alone cost them about $4900. Probably small potatos compared to the R&D and fab costs for the craft itself, plus the manpower for the whole program. Heck, just the operating costs of the helicopters that went to pick Baumgartner up when he landed probably cost far more than the helium.

Having trouble finding a bulk-quantity cost for gaseous hydrogen.