The Crimson Tide Run For the 2010 Championship


At the same it’s a strategic error Texas has relied on a single person to carry the team. Florida made the same mistake with Tebow, but only suffered that single scare early in the season with a concussion. At least 'Bama can rotate among receivers and backs.

McCoy is now out of the game.

Texas needs some freak plays and big Bama errors or it’s ova

Geez, what is it with these 'Bama QB sacks??

Way for the refs to kill that little bit of Texas momentum with two consecutive non-calls on pass interference.

Wow, the officiating is really bullshit in this game. The gamblers must have gotten to the zebras.

Supposed to be the biggest game of the year. Between Mussberger and the refs, it is a snoozer. Of course Texas getting their NO1 QB knocked out in the first series has taken the wind out of it too.
Definitely not enough commercials either.

You say this crap repeatedly. I wonder if you really believe such things. :smack:

If Texas wins, this kid is going to get laid more than Wilt.

Now I don’t feel sorry for him at all, now I want him to start throwing picks.

OK better now.

I just wanted to say that “Colt McCoy” is such a perfect Texas Quarterback name that we’d be making fun of it if it was a movie. Its straight to sheriff of a small town after this for him.

Sometimes I wonder. It was exposed in the NBA, so why not college football?

Well that’s too bad. It was entertaining for a while there, though. The Tide are lucky they got to play against a freshman backup QB. This title should have an asterisk next to it.

Much much better now

Meh, it’s a completely legit win. Any asterisk should be because there’s another undefeated team. (No, I don’t think BSU would win.)

The biggest shame is how all the SEC douchebags will go on and on about their conference after this.

And why shouldn’t they? Their team won. Again. The way to shut them up is to beat them. :wink:
ETA: Isn’t this a little bit of “piling on?” :dubious:

ETAETA: I mean 'Bama’s score to make it 38.

The Alabama Crimson Tide wins the 2010 BCS National Championship.
[li]Crimson Tide - 37[/li][li]Texas Longhorns - 21[/li][/ul]

Only after the game was in the bag for 'Bama did Musberger start talking nice about 'Bama.
No asterisk on this game. Players get hurt. It’s life. Deal with it.

'Bama never piled on all season. Now? Just icing a championship.

Well this game seemed custom tailored to feed the SEC-hating trolls and make winning a national championship feel like stepping in dogshit. Just uninspired play on both sides of the ball once McCoy went out, super-conservative playcalling, and a dull cap to a great team’s season.

Gilbert looks very promising for Texas, and there were plenty of drops and miscues from players who were supposed to be carrying the Freshman.

In crap I’m tired of hearing about land: No more McCoy-Shipley roommate connection. Still gonna have to hear that McElroy hasn’t lost a game since the 8th grade 4 or 5 times a game.

Roll Tide, baby! National champions!

Get the fuck out of here. That was an excellent game. Alabama took it in the pants in the first quarter, then they stepped up and played smashmouth football to close out the half. In the third and fourth, Texas comes raging back (with a freshman quarterback!), but Alabama steps back up and imposes their will to win the game.

How can you say it was a bad game? It was a masterful display of coaching adaptations and strategy. It was the best National Championship game in recent history.