The Crimson Tide Run For the 2010 Championship

Post your thoughts in this thread as we watch the 2010 National BCS Championship between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Texas Longhorns.
Roll, Tide Roll!

Texas gets the full treatment as the come onto the field while CBS goes to a commercial when the Tide enters the stadium. The bias is obvious.

CBS? I’m watching on ABC

Oh…hehehe…that may be cause I’m in Texas

BTW, I saw the Bamians run out and still don’t know what a "crimson tide " is supposed to be.

My late Aunt Janet lived in Tuscaloosa. She had a framed picture of Bear Bryant on her wall next to a framed picture of Jesus.

RIP Aunt Janet.

Yeah, me bad. I’m so used to seeing Brent Musburger screw up the play b y plays on CBS. It should be Keith Jackson in the booth.

A scary first quarter. Starting the second with a TD should help.

Unless Colt comes back in…and soon…this game is over for me.

I didn’t realize how “ripped” Colt McCoy was until he was shown with just his undershirt on. I always thought he was a relatively small kid.

Musberger has been with the ABC/ESPN family since 1990, according to wiki.

Keith Jackson was on the field, doing the coin toss.

Damn the Big 12 needs to stop recruiting QBs from the china shop.

[li]Alabama Crimson Tide - 24[/li][li]Texas Longhorns - 6[/li][/ul]

That just made Saban’s 4th and 23 play look like a stroke of genius.

I’ve never liked Texas but I’m starting to feel bad for Garrett Gilbert. He’s had nothing but mop up duty all season and plays his first meaningful minutes during the national championship game against the best team in the nation? He’s 1 for 10 with -4 yards and 2 interceptions. Talk about baptism by fire. yeesh.

Ya, that did not make any sense.

Damn, is Lee Corso hammered or what?

the 4th and 23 would have been a lot worse if Texas batted the ball to the ground rather than intercept it. Bama really didn’t lose too much, if anything, with that interception.

Pretty tough to come in as a freshman in these circumstances. However, I remeber when Colt McCoy first went in at the end of a game (did VY get hurt? I don’t remember), all of the Texas fans were pissed but it seemed obvious to me that it wasn’t that McCoy was bad, it was just a very difficult situation.


24-6 at the half. Tough break for Texas when McCoy was injured. They came out ready to play, but losing their QB seemed to bring them down on both sides of the ball.

Holy shit. I was dying the entire first quarter.

I’m genuinely sorry about McCoy. I have no desire to see a player injured, no matter what.