The CSI (Vegas) appreciation thread

I’m a bit late on this since the series finale/speacial/movie-thingy aired a couple days ago, but I’d feel remiss if I didn’t start a thread about my favorite show.

I’ve said for years that I would be the most sad when this show ended because it was literally the first show I ever watched from beginning to end and lasted beyond a year or three. I don’t even doubt this thread won’t live too long, but I have to!

It had it’s ups (Miniature Killer!) it’s downs (Furry Killer!) it’s ups again (Burying Nick alive!) it’s downs again (Lawrence Fisburn!) and it’s final ups (Ted Danson!) but it was always fun and consistent.

I’ll never forget having 6-10 people every Thursday in my freshman year residence hall watching it as it premiered. Trying to figure out who did it and yelling at Nick to stop crying, playing the games and just following the characters along (Sara and Grissom were good together, everyone shipped Greg and Eckley’s Daughter, but she needed to be with the tech).

I was very underwhelmed with the finale and thought they barely had a good case for ONE hour, much less TWO…but I also understand that it was probably rushed and, really, it was nice of CBS to give them the send off anyway.

Any other CSI lovers in the crowd? Anyone sad to see them go?


Loved the show, watched all seasons. Sad to see it go, mostly because I don’t like any of the spin off versions. I wish they’d just stayed with the original show.

----I’m starting to think I’m the only one around here who sticks with a show from beginning to end----

Loyal to a fault I guess.