The cutest pie-loving weebls I've seen in a long time

OK Zebra, I see your singing, floating skull, and raise you two pie-loving weebls. (Needs sound, and watch to the end).
[sub]This is so stupid that it makes me laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. When come back bring pie.[/sub]

pie. pie. pie. pie. pie. pie. pie.


There is only one way this competiton can be won.

Once, I saw a flash movie, which was Flying Fish, floating London monuments, a galactic star battle and Margaret tatcher shooting lazers out of her eyes all choreographed to a Swedish Folk song.
The person who can locate this file will be deemed the winner.

That’s been posted on this site but I can’t remember when and by who or even the forum it was posted in.

Helpful me? Never :slight_smile:

it’s linked on somewhere…

I’ve always been partial to the Hatt-baby Turkish-people-with-hat animation. And the one with the warnings about alcohol… I think I got that from someone on here…

Steal pies… Kids will do anything for Hairy Lee. :slight_smile: I constantly amaze myself by being amused at the most idiotic things.

I love donkey, donkey don’t lie. Heehee!

Now I must send this to everyone I know.

Growl Karaoke! :slight_smile:

you mean this one?

Soo… in Swedish, does svans mean what I think it means?

Errr, like the German word resembling it?

In any case, that must have been one of the weirdest things ever. Can a Swede or Dane translate? A Norwegian, even! :slight_smile:


The song on the Margaret Thatcher movie thing is the theme from some 70’s era Sweedish children’s show called Trazan and Banarne, (Trazan being a tarzan wannabe, and Banarne is a monkey). What’s svans mean in German?

I don’t know the exact translation, but it’s basically the monkey asking Trazan if he wants to do something fun, and suggests singing songs while he hangs by his tail. Or something.

I have shown everyone I know those pie weebles.