"The" Daily Show, 13 Feb 08

If this an example of post-strike quality, I’m content to see the writers go back to the picket lines. Dog show jokes? Stewart, who I normally appreciate for cutting through news-network spin, really dropped the ball when comparing their treatment of Huckabee’s recent successes (called “miraculous”) with Clinton’s recent failures (she’s still “neck and neck” with Obama). There’s a considerable difference that he ignored for a cheap joke.

In fact, the whole episode was rife with cheap jokes. Oh, look, a Senator’s talking about sports instead of torture! hyuk-hyuk-hyuk!

If anything, I’m even more anti-union than I was previously.

In fairness, the writers were probably still hung over from celebrating when they put this show together. TDS has been a consistently well-written, well-observed show in the past. Give it a week or two and it will get back in stride again.

Yeah, I don’t think that tonight really counts since it’s that “first day back at school after a long hot summer” night. They’ll re-gel.

I was more surprised to learn that Kevin Bacon writes for the Colbert Report. :stuck_out_tongue:

You were surprised Kevin Bacon writes for Colbert? I was surprised that Baryshnikov does, but maybe that’s just me. :smiley:

The writers didn’t learn until late Tuesday night if they absolutely positively were returning, and were probably in some combination of distractedness and/or dizzy with relief and/or drunkenness. I’d also say to give it a few days.

Plus, they’re out of practice a bit. Although I haven’t seen TDS last night yet and might not agree with your view on how it went.

Can someone explain the “A” and “The” thing? I guess it has to do with the strike, but… I don’t get it.

During the strike, it was A Daily Show, now that the strike’s over, it’s back to the original title.

During the strike, Stewart said it wasn’t really THE daily Show, it was just A Daily Show.

Mr. Met too.

And Tiki Barber.

Looking for excuses to be “more anti-union”, are you?

Sorry, that was borderline uncalled for, but I wouldn’t expect excellence the first day back. I didn’t, and I was happy with it.

Anti-jokes, actually.

I thought it was a good point, and if I’ve never posted the same idea, it’s my fault. Yes, there are some very significant differences in the two races, but it’s also true that the news stations are married to the “Democrats are sharply divided” story.

I’m glad you’re not rushing to judgment or anything.

It was a pretty good episode, not great, but for me the highlight was actually the interview.

Well, that one was obviously meant as a joke. All right, the writers are back, let’s see what they’ve got for us- bad dog puns…okay…

Well I am thrilled the writers are back and (hopefully) have a good deal in their hands, I do not look forward to the return of the celebrity guests. I can only truly speak for myself, but it seems to me that people tune into TDS(no relation btw) mainly for the politics. Of course there will always be the actors on to promote a new movie, but I personally would rather the majority of those just be left to the network hosts. Also, over the strike Stewart had some of his best interviews ever. I think part of the reason, aside from the lack of celebrities willing to cross the picket line, is that it seemed Stewart and Colbert had a bit more leeway trying to fill time, and being the popular hosts they are, could be a bit more bitting than the studios would like.

More good news, and yet another reason to vote for him, is that Barack Obama can finally appear on The Colbert Report, and have his ‘grit-off’ with Stephen. Despite the Huckster’s many appearances, and despite the allure of the Colbert-bump, Sen. Obama, refused to cross the picket line and appear on the show until the strike was settled.