The Daily Spyware Gripe

I ran SpybotSD recently and cleared up a lot of junk. Unfortunately, whenever my computer starts up now, it gives me an error message. This message says it’s looking for a file in some folder called ‘WildTangent,’ but can’t find it. I assume it has been removed by Spybot.

How can I stop it from trying to find its lost brother, though?

There’s probably a registry entry left. Hijackthis will let you see what might be causing the problem. Make a note of exactly what the message says, then download and run hijackthis. Click on 'Scan" and look for the entry you wrote down. Put a check mark beside it and click on “Fix checked.”

Up at the top of this page is a sticky post with a link to the spyware forums. I highly recomend these guys. I had a bad hijacker that was fricken Jason Voorhees it came back after being deleted so many times.
I posted a hijack this log and an about blaster log and someone who knows what he is doing gave me easy to follow, step by step instructions on what to do. After doing that they follow up with with another look at my logs to make sure I was clean.

You can also run MSConfig (Start > Run > type “msconfig” > OK) to see if you’ve got a lingering entry under the Startup tab.

WildTangent is on my computer… it’s software that came with my video card.

Restore it (if you haven’t deleted the backup already). It’s not spyware.

Look Here

WildTangent is a plugin for online gaming similar to Macromedia’s flash. It is used for 3D online and offline games that play in the web browser. The program will share your name, address, email address, phone number, and other information. Collects system configuration information such as your computer’s CPU speed, video card configuration, and DirectX version. Collects product usage information such as the number of product launches and time spent using a product. WildTangent can retrieve and install additional software. It will deliver advertisments to your computer when you are playing the game.

It explains which keys you need to remove :


In the right pane, find and delete the following entries ( if they exists):

wt gamechannel

Correction: not with my video card, with my HP PC.