The Dark Tower movie and TV series

Also, a link to a Stephen King interview on the subject:

I honestly don’t know what I think, except that I sure wish Leone and Kurosawa could get together to make this. Anyone else…wow. I just don’t know.
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This is rather amazing:


Ron Howard is going to direct the first film and the first season of the t.v. show.

Holy Crap. I never thought it’d be made as a movie.


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This could obviously be a complete disaster, and I wouldn’t have picked Ron Howard as my first choice director, but I have to say that I do love the idea of the 3-films-and-2-tv-seasons format. Now let’s just get some good news about casting.

The best screen adaptations of King’s work has been by Frank Darabont.

Why don’t they go with someone they know can do ‘King’?

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I like the Lance Reddick look.

And I agree that it could go either way. While the chances of it being anything like what a reader would like <all 5 million interpretations>, there’s also the chance of it consolidating all the ‘good stuff’, and weeding out some of the stuff that makes people not like it.
So…someone who couldn’t get through the first book might actually LIKE an adaptation and consolidates stuff, and that consolidation might actually not piss off every reader. (No matter what, someone’s gonna hate it, but c’est l’art.

I am fascinated by the idea of movies and television working together to tell a story. Having a movie release, then a television series, then another movie, and on and on, seems like an interesting way of doing things. Sure there have been tv shows telling stories after movies (Clone Wars), or movies following up television shows (Sex in the City atrocities), but I’m intrigued by doing them together as one huge project. Seems like it could be the next step in entertainment.

Of course if they chose another work, I’d be more interested. The massive amounts of padding in the Dark Tower series is enough to make me lose interest. But still, a fascinating idea.

Dude! You’re AWESOME!! :smiley:

He’s busy on the set of “The Walking Dead”, isn’t he? (Yeah - a lot of people didn’t like it, but I thought “The Mist” was well adapated.)

I know I have enjoyed a lot of Stephen King over the years, sometimes guiltily, but the first three books of The Dark Tower have some of his best descriptive prose.
Honestly, the scene with the ancient oil wells still wells up in my imagination from time to time.

But, I am a little strange. After all, I hang out here, right?

The suggestion that Ryan Reynolds play Eddie is bizaree to me. I love Reynolds but Eddie isn;t even in the ballpark of that attractive and athletic. Eddie is a far more mundane and overwhelmed by this stuff, he’s not a action hero. I’m thinking someone of the Paul Rudd mold would be way closer to the mark.

Eddie is supposed to be very good-looking - it’s mentioned a few times. Plus, after a few months walking with Roland and the gang, I’d think he’s be in pretty good shape. And Eddie may not start out as an action hero, but he certainly ends up one.

How about Jensen Ackles? He’s got the whole “working-class smartass” thing working for him.

Was he? Because of the junkie factor I always pictured him as emaciated looking.

I always thought a younger Adam Sandler would be perfect for Eddie. That’s who I always pictured when reading the books.

A young Willem DeFoe would have been great for Eddie. Heck, why can’t he be Eddie now?

The book said specifically that he hadn’t been using heroin that long, and that withdrawal symptoms aside, it hadn’t really affected his looks (which every woman they met was striken by).

I think people are focusing too much on the Eddie of Book 2 instead of the Eddie of the rest of the series. Yes, he started out as a scared junkie; but by the middle of the Waste Lands he was already well on his way to being a gunslinger, and by the end of the series, he was one of the four toughest mofos in the multiverse. Lots of actors can play sweaty junkies, with the right makeup - far fewer can play convincing badasses. I think we should look for a badass action star, and work back from there.

I’m used to seeing Jensen as Dean, but you might be on to something (I had to see him with a different hair-do).