The deal I made with my teens ...

So, as a white mama of black and biracial teens, I try to expose my kids to movies about their heritage to supplement the books we read. Today I agreed to watch the movie of their choice if they would watch The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman - a pretty good movie that I’d seen once before years ago and really enjoyed.

After much moaning and groaning, they finally settled into the movie and, overall, I would say they came away from it a little richer. They held up their end of the bargain, so now it was my turn.

Guess what movie they chose for me to watch?

The Date Movie! :eek: :eek: :eek: I don’t know if they laughed harder at the movie or at my shocked/slack jawed/hilarious expression! I have to admit that SOME of the movie was funny, even to an old fogie like me, and if nothing else, it was bonding time I think

So, what deals have you made with your kids lately?

Sometimes parents need deals too…I made a deal with my mom.

She keeps telling me I need to do this and that around my house - take down this tree, plant these flowers, paint this, paint that - she has some ok ideas but I’ve only been here 8 months, sheesh!

So I told her that if she pays my mortgage for a month (about $1000) she can do whatever she wants to the house and I’ll do the work or pay to have it done.

She has yet to take me up on it…but it’s sure quieter around here :slight_smile: