The Democratic nomination process: good or bad difference?

A quote from a blogger:

I got to thinking about this, and I began wondering: is this necessarily an indictment of Obama and/or his candidacy? Could the differences that allow him to stay in the race be a GOOD thing? Is “winner take all” too limiting, or a less accurate reflection of the “will of the people,” whatever that is?


You have to wonder about a nominating process (proportional) that is so different from that of the general election.

Umm… hasn’t Obama won more states than Hillary?

“If the Democrats ran a winner-take-all system like the Republicans and the Electoral College do…”

Yeah, and if Edwards defeated Osma bin Laden using a laser powered robo-mammoth, he’d be the winner. Or at least he should be.

The rules for the primaries weren’t kept secret from the candidates and both made their own decisions on how to best exploit those rules for a win. Obama happened to have the better plan. If the rules were different, it’s a safe bet that they would have planned differently and the situation now would be irrelevent.