The Denial of Perspective: Seriously weird photographs

Felice Varini has an almost unholy talent:

In plane English (;)), it means that Varini paints things on walls that, when viewed from the right angle, look like they compose a physical structure. The photographs are very striking.

This reminds me of that sidewalk chalk artist who does similar things by drawing holes, swimming pools, people, etc all at an angle so it looks 3D. I love the last picture in that series, with the big X. That is awesome. I wonder what the margin of error is though? Is it a gradual thing as you’re walking into the right spot, or does it suddenly just pop out at you?

Interesting stuff. Others fiolks have done this before. There was an entire exhibit of such anamorphic art at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston about 20 years ago. It’s weird when soneone walks through the middle of one of those figures, because it destroys the illusion while you’re observing it.

Hans N=Holbein’s The Ambassadors is a 16th century example of a type of this art:

The Angel of the Bridge: