The designated hitter around the world

It’s my understanding that the National League is the only organized baseball league in the US that does not use the designated hitter. The American League does, of course, and I guess all the minor leagues do also. NCAA baseball also uses it. Are there any other leagues besides the NL that do not use the DH? Does high school baseball use it? (I know high school baseball isn’t really a “league.”) Little League? The Mexican League? Either of the Japanese leagues? Any other leagues I don’t know about?

Just wondering how widespread the use of the DH is, especially outside the US.

All of the minor leagues allow use of the designated hitter. However, National League teams have agreed to allow their pitchers to bat when their affiliates play each other. I can’t find any online documentation of this agreement, so I’m not sure if it extends all the way down to the Rookie League; I vaguely recall that it applies to AA and AAA only.

College baseball rules allow the DH. In a unique twist, the NCAA allows the pitcher to double as his own DH, and be relieved as pitcher while continuing to serve as the DH. I don’t know how often, if at all, college managers take advantage of this.

The situation in Japan is the same as in the United States: One major league, the Pacific League, allows it, and the other, the Central League, does not. No clue about the Japanese minor leagues.

As of the 1980’s the DH was universal throughout Latin America, but I couldn’t swear that that was still the case.

Thanks, Freddy!