The dictator in charge of Libya... how do YOU spell his name?

I remember back in the '80s when he was all over the news and no two sources spelled his name the same way. Now it’s happening all over again. How do YOU spell it?

B-a-t-s-h-i-t C-r-a-z-y

In 1986, Gaddafi reportedly responded to a Minnesota school’s letter in English using the spelling “Moammar El-Gadhafi”

And I think it should be spelled the way he wants it spelled :slight_smile:


Using a Q with no U following makes me feel rebellious.

Gaddafi. That’s the way I’ve seen it most, and knowing that it isn’t his preferred spelling encourages me to continue to use it.


He doesn’t seem to care.


Dead duck

The master speaks:

I think the confusion comes from provincialism in the USA.
We used to call Beijing, China, Peking, China and the capitol of India was Bombay not Mumbai.
We still have Chinese restaurants here in Seattle called Peking Palace and I can buy a bottle of Bombay Gin at my local liquor store.
Quadahfi, Gadhafi, take your pick

From the NY Times: Qaddafi. When I doubt, I go with the Gray Lady.

And the old spelling of Peking was just because the West used a different kind of transliteration for Chinese language names until a few decades ago. Peking duck, Peking ravioli, and Pekingese dogs get grandfathered in. Relax.

معمر القذافي

I will admit that transliteration may be a more appropriate term than provincialism.
I am not buying that the NY Times is the be all, end all source though.
The AP spells it Gaghafi.

You relax.

That Q dude in charge of Libya.

I’m reasonably sure there’s quite a few miles between Mumbai and Delhi, you know. Just a few. Then again, a capitol is not a capital, although the capitol of India is in its capital…

I usually spell it Gadafi in Spanish and copy whatever spelling other people are using in English.

Duckdaffy. And I like the way his wife spells it - Getoffme.

Papers tend to adopt a house style and stick with it. Although ‘Taliban’ and ‘Taleban’ can both be found here, sometimes in the same newspaper.

It is Gadaffy.

QadaffyDuck is my preference.