The differences between monster studio and monster solo?

The monster studio can activtly reduce the noise, and it needs put in two recharging the battery;there are also some accessories, such as the received bag, the headset to wipe the mirror, the headset cables. anything else?:dubious:

I wouldn’t give Monster a cent of my money, so I can’t say.

Yeah, isn’t Monster that company who overcharges for scam products? Not that they aren’t high quality, they just don’t do any better than the $5 equivalent from the bargain store.

This won’t answer your question but will help separate fact from improbable claims as they apply to headphones. If you’re one who believes that you can get better sound by replacing your power cord with a audiophile quality one, I wish you success tilting at windmills.

Inner Fidelity

Coat hangers vs Monster Ultra Series THX 1000 Audio Interconnects, in a blind listening test. 5 audiophiles could not tell the difference.