The Dirty Hoe, and Other Beer Concoctions

Saturday night, some buddies and I made our first foray into the Beer Vault, a wonderful new little place in the Four Points by Sheraton. They offered a Dirty Hoe – Hoegaarden with a layer of Guinness on top. Not cheap but quite good, I really liked that.

Last year in Tokyo, I finally tried a Black and Tan – Guinness and Kilkenny mixed together. Also good.

What other interesting beer combos are there out there?

*Disclaimer: Yes, yes, I know there’s beer, stout, ale etc, but for the sake of convenience, I’m just using the general heading “Beer.”

Not gourmet, but I like Beeritas.

1 can frozen limeade, slightly thawed. (12 oz)
fill can with tequila
two bottles cheap beer
lime wedges for garnish, salt glass rims.

Beer covers ale, lager, etc., unless you’re in the freakish land of Texas, where the official names don’t apply.

Half & Half (similar and sometimes synonymous with Black & Tan, but B&T isn’t really a PC name)
Red beer (shudder)
Snakebite (beer+cider
Boilermaker (perhaps) or depth charge
Etc.: Beer cocktails

I see someone, IIRC Shock Top, is selling 12 packs with their wheat and something dark, encouraging you to mix.

What’s “not cheap”? Both of those are medium priced beers here, although maybe not where you are.

Along the lines of a Boilermaker, I’ve filled a shot glass with Jameson’s and Bailey’s and dropped it into a glass of Guiness. Not sure if the name is PC, but it goes by Irish car bomb.

Flaming Dr. Pepper - shot glass with amaretto and a little 151-proof rum layered on top. Set the rum alight with a Zippo, then drop the shot glass into a glass of beer. Tilt back quickly to best mix the flavors. Tastes vaguely of Dr. Pepper.

The link gives two recipes, the former being the one I am familiar with. Some people substitute Everclear in place of the rum.

I have friends who, on a hot summer day, swear by Guinness floats. Haven’t tried one myself.

Mmmmmmmmm, a pint of Guinness with chocolate cake and vanilla ice-cream. We always partake as a St Patricks Day treat while listening to the S.P.U.D.S. (Local band that reunites for special occasions)

The Dirty Hoe that I mentioned is about US$9 a glass. Alcohol tends to be expensive in Thailand, even domestic beers, because the government taxes the hell out of it. The Belgian beers on their extensive menu can run from about that to even $30 a pop.

They run some good specials too. On Saturday nights, you can get a pint of the local Singha beer for a little over $3, but I wouldn’t go to a place like this and drink local brews. And it looks like they have a beer buffet on Wednesdays, with all you can drink for 777 baht ($24), but I’m sure the Belgian stuff wouldn’t be included in that.

Very similar to the OP’s example, there’s the Black and Blue: Blue Moon topped with Guinness.

Also there’s the Half & Half: Harp or Bass topped with Guinness.