The Divine, Ultrasexy (?) Miss M

In the present Washington City Paper, which is the local free rag that publishes Cecil’s column, there’s an ad on the back page for Bette Midler’s new album (I’ve forgotten the name).

It mentions that she’s the star of a new CBS comedy, a fact that I don’t question. But, it also promotes her as “ultrasexy.”


I’ll believe that someone thinks she’s attractive, and even sexy. But, ultrasexy?

So, Dopers, anyone have fantasies about Miss M?

Perhapes they mean it the sense of “very sexual”. And she does have a pretty lusty personae.

I think my aunt used to have fantasies about Bette. If that helps.

I don’t know about ultrasexy… though I think she’d have that on there as a joke. The woman is talented and I have most of her albums.

Well, I would do her :slight_smile:

is a proud member of the “Wouldn’t Touch Bette Midler With A 10-Foot Pole” club

I gotta admit, when I saw that picture, these were the first two thoughts to hit me, in this order:

Wow, she’s lost weight, I think.

Damn, I’d do her.

I think ultrasexy is just a piece of hype thought up by some desperate adcopy writer just to snazz up the ad.

After seeing that pic, yeah, definite fantasies come to mind. But I ain’t tellin’. :smiley:

Somehow, Olentzero, I’m relieved to learn that you have a fantasy about Bette Midler. :slight_smile:


I’m a heterosexual male, so naturally I have no clue what the appeal of Better Midler is supposed to be.

I suspect that gay men love her because she constantly reminds them of why they have no sexual interest in women.

Ultrasexy? I don’t know, to me she is sexy and talented. My opinion of Ultrasexy would be instant erection. If I wasn’t married and given the opportunity I would have a go at her.