The dollar sign?

What is the origin of the dollar sign? $$$$

Legend has it that it was originally the letters “U S” superimposed on top of one another. (Dollar signs in some fonts have two vertical bars in them, supposedly as remnants of the two vertical branches of a capital U.)

I’d take this legend with a grain of salt, though. Mexico uses the same symbol, $, to stand for Pesos.

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So the $ to stand for “Pesos” actually came first, and “peso” itself was an abbreviation for “peso de ocho” (piece of eight)?!

My, my, how times have changed!

So other nations with the dollar as their currency are really putting what was once ‘U’ and ‘S’ superimposed in front of their dollar amounts?


If you read Cecil’s column, you will find out that the dollar sign probably is NOT composed of a U and and S.

Rather, it is a P and an S. Which came from the word pesetas.

I thought King Reagan awoke from a dream one night, where he had sign the dollar sign $ emblazoned in the heavens in gold, and a voice that said, “By this sign, shall ye conquer!”

He went out the next day and bankrupted the Soviet Union.