The Donald tells Carolyn, "You're fired!"

Oh, the irony! The Apprentice just won’t be the same; sometimes she was the best thing about the show (although I missed the most recent season). Memo to future Trump hires: be sure to be available *at all times/I] by phone when His Comboverness calls.

Anyone surprised?

Oh. My. God.

The show will be unwatchable without her – if only because I’ll have to listen to rysler bitching and moaning about not getting her Carolyn fix.

I am. While I’m not a die-hard fan of the show, I’ve always thought Carolyn was “da man”. I mean she’s classy and professional and I love how she gave it right back to that crazy woman from the first season - Omarosa.

He’s apparently keeping it in the family - hiring Ivanka and all.


Harumph. I would have liked to see Kendra Todd – IMO, the hottest woman on the Apprentice – sit as a viceroy.

(Why is she hot? Because brains and classiness can be darned sexy, that’s why.)

I’m sorry to see Carolyn go. I thought she was hot and smart.

The moment I saw Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, on the show, I turned off the TV and never watched another minute of the show. That was definitely when the show jumped the shark for me.

I also had my WTF? moment when I heard that - I thought Carolyn was the only thing that salvaged many an excruciating boardroom. That said, I quite enjoyed Ivanka sitting in, she seemed smart and to the point, also less prone to suck up to Dad than for example Bill (which I hated whenever he replaced George)

But I agree, I would also like to see more of Kendra, and I hope and pray we never have to see Sean again.

I think I like Ivanka better anyway. She’s got intelligence, candor, intolerance for bullshit and mercifully lacks the sycophancy that even Carolyn was prone to. Carolyn did seem like she was kind of getting a little full of herself the last couple of seasons. You would think she’d have known better than to put her own self-promotion ahead of her real job.

It’s hard to read this story without imagining an Apprentice-style boardroom, complete with the Donald’s full repertoire of shifting subjects, flat jokes, weird non-sequiturs, at least one questionable remark concerning gender, a one-word descriptor for Carolyn (“you’re a celebrity aren’t you? You’re just a celebrity”) and finally the “cobra,” followed by elevator and cab rides (and a final shot of Donald telling George and Bill “I hated to do it, but she had to go…she’s just a big celebrity now”).

And Carolyn agreeing with it all. Nodding her head saying, “You had no other choice. What else could you do. A no-brainer.”

Heh! Pony up the cash for a full membership – we’ll need you in the weekly Apprentic threads once the new season starts.

Eh. When I first saw her I thought “wow, they buried Lady Di in the pet sematary.”

LOVE the last bit of the story there, where it is alleged that Donald tells her to “spend some time with her family”. This story is laid out funny, but towards the bottom does mention her 3 week maternity leave after her son was born. I heard that when my son was three weeks old and I could barely get dressed in the morning, I was so tired.

Between Mark and Ivanka, Carolyn could not measure up. Mark and Ivanka could hold their own in front of the Donald.