The "Donnie Darko" spoiler thread

First, allow me to bow to the ORIGINAL “Donnie Darko” thread at:

However, I thought it was very important to put “spoiler” on the thread name for this movie for those who did not see it.

What a bizarre film. I think I liked it, though like someone said in the mentioned thread, I don’t know why.

Anyone else see the flick, and what is your take on the plotline? Mrs. Virginslayer’s take is that somehow Donnie got to enjoy an alternate reality via a wormhole for 28 days rather than get killed, but in the end had to die (the “End of the World” prophesised by Frank the Rabbit.)

Who was Frank?:confused:

I think it’s a nice (and very original) way of presenting time travel, and that time travel is great way of presenting adolescence. You can account for Donnie’s behavior in a rough way, but no one explanation is entirely logical because time travel screws up cause and effect. It’s easy to divine intentions, but impossible to reconcile what happens.

For example, Frank is the guy who hits Donnie’s girlfriend with his car, and Donnie knows who he is when he encounters Frank for the first time… he’s been talking to him for almost a month.

My take is that there is a point (you can’t really call it the end, even though it’s at the end of the movie) where Donnie realizes he has a choice concerning whether or not to use the wormhole to travel back in time. He chooses to do it because he doesn’t want his girlfriend to die.

The DVD was just released, if it never came to your town in the theaters. This is easily one of my favorite movies ever… it’s just beautiful, and it has A. time travel and B. a great soundtrack.