The doors went quickly

In an effort to make my house more energy efficient, I decided to replace the exterior doors in both back bedrooms (or the ‘little bedroom’ and the ‘middle-sized bedroom’ as I call them). The old doors were painted mahogany with 15 single panes in them. The new doors are double-glazed with a 9-light effect in the upper half only. The old doors had ancient knobs on them that could only be opened from the inside, and a ‘skeleton key’ shaped hole, for a key that has probably been missing for decades, in a large flat metal plate. I got nice Schage ‘Flair’ locksets (locking handles and deadbolts) for the exterior doors, and keyed Plymouth knobs for the interior doors. (The interior and exterior locks to each bedroom are keyed alike, but different between rooms and the front and back doors for a ‘private entry’ effect.)

So I had these big heavy ineffficient doors I had no use for. Last year, when I replaced the French and front entry doors, I put the old ones against the telephone pole out front. I did the same with these doors. They were gone in under half an hour. :slight_smile: I could have taken them to the Re Store (a place that sells recycled house parts, appliances, furniture, etc., which gives store credit when you bring something in) but it’s nice to know that someone in the neighbourhood got them and didn’t have to pay for them. I’m surprised they went so quickly, given that this is a sleepy seaside village.

Next project: wood floors for the little bedroom…