The Dope invades my bath

So, I was washing my hair in the bathtub tonight (it’s thick, makes for good rinsing) and thinking to myself, “gosh, this haircare thing is a pain. Washing, conditioning, blow-drying, product, the lot of it.” I contemplated an idyllic, enlightened era when women would look back on the hair rituals of today’s women and think “how did they put up with all that annoying fuss?” I had in mind Star Trek sonic showers, or some such system.

Then my mind wandered further to the thought that, not only do we tend to look back on the body care rituals of the past as being more labor-intensive, but at the same time less hygenic and/or effective than modern methods (arguable, to be sure) and I wondered if today’s women would be considered to have unsanitary, grocky hair at some point in the future.

Then I think to myself (washing my hair is boring), well, we do live in a rather germ-phobic age. It’s really hard to imagine us getting even more obsessive about cleanliness. We understand rather well about the science behind dirt and germs and stinkiness. Also, new scientific studies come out all the time describing the behavior and effects of chemicals and bacteria, and new products are constantly being developed to combat them.

But! I think to myself (I really am going somewhere with this), the same thought might’ve been had by women of past generations. Say the 1950’s. New studies and new products were coming out all the time. It was a golden age of science.

Ah! I think to myself. But in the 1950’s there still was a lot we didn’t know about the world. Today we seem to have it all pretty much covered, but back then there had to have been places we hadn’t explored yet…



Oh yeah! In the 1950’s scientists hadn’t yet explored the Marianas Trench. For 20 minutes.

laugh oh, gosh. Someone else who holds long-winded conversations with themselves just like I do!

On an un-Dope-related note (but truly on-topic for meandering-mind syndrome), I had a breakthrough this morning in the shower.

We have a local airline called Regional Express , which goes by the name of ‘Rex’. Now, I’ve always thought that’s a stupid name since a homonym for ‘wrecks’ doesn’t seem like a smart marketing strategy for any kind of transport, particularly an airline.

So this morning, it occurs to me that they were damned regardless, since if they’d left it up to the public to decree their diminutive, they’d probably have gone with ‘RegEx’, or ‘rejects’.

I’m waiting for a breakthrough as to why they didn’t just name the company something that *didn’t * come out to ‘wrecks’ or ‘rejects’, though. Maybe the problem is my short hair - I spend less time washing it, so I miss out on the bigger revelations. :smiley: