the dope on U.S. prision populations

I seem to have stumbled onto some kind of think tank o f sorts lmao, I was curious if there was a complete collection if the authors thoughts. the great, now youre thinking line was … awesome,hysterical and so not funny… I had just seen on link tv billmoyers speaking about class warfare in america, so stumbling across this was a pleasant suprise!.. So anyway whats scary is the numbers were way worse than i thought, I mean china for chrissakes, a BILLION people and theyre commies lmao 8]
wtf i mean its so scary…the prison system is a business…I aint gonna into a bussiness unless im makin some cash…capiche lol
thats just wrong prisons cannot serve the better good of a society if its a bussiness like selling newspapers… its an oxymoron, prove me wrong children. prove me wrong to quote principal skinner/
what a mess/
oh so please if anyone gets to the end of this who has all of cecils writings please respond or post ill look too

Link to Column: Does the United States lead the world in prison population?

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Hard to say exactly, some execute others keep them unofficially :eek: