The Dopefests...The Sign...The World...

Unbowed, unbent (well, for the most part), after a working life spent entirely in smokey bars until late hours, beside me stands, on yet another oh-so-cheery morning after, the indefatigable SDMB Dopefest table sign, as seen here.

This baby’s a vet. Having been in service for over a year now, it’s greeted manny a doper from all over (bagged 19 last night). Nothing fancy, it’s just a manila file folder with inkjet-printed SDMB banners stapled to both sides and a velcro strip running from one side to the other to limit opening and allow for anchoring. It’s done its job admirably so far.

But, I think, why should such a noble contributor to the SDMB community suffer the fate of having its entire existence tied to the tawdry life of a beatle in Houston? This puppy needs to broaden its horizons!

So, the question that arises is, are there any other Dopefest meisters out there who would care to grace their gathering with our stalwart friend, and then send it on down the road to the next Dopefest? Is this doable? Could The Sign travel 'round the world of Dopers (and even, possibly, make it back to Houston)?

To this end, I’ll post my e-mail address: mafladata@aol.commissar (italics only)

I may be able to line it up with a date in Austin next weekend; after that, who knows?

Uncle Sam Wants You!

OH hell, that sounds great, maybe it can even travel with the Evil Bitch for a bit. I think that’s a great idea.

If you are not going to Austin Beatle then I can take it there and leave it to move on from there.

Great idea beatle!

Could we have it for AmsterDope in mid-March? I promise I won’t let ClogMod defile it in any way. :wink:

tater, that’d be great, just what Mr. Sign needs.

rob, I’ll probably make the call on whether I’m going or not about Wednesday evening.