The Doukhobor religious sect

I read this today at

The link also states that in the 1950’s the Canadian government set up an internment camp for Doukhobor children to force them to attend public school.

Anyone ever heard of this group? Are they primarily in Canada (as the link indicates)?

I started a thread on this months and months ago. They had always intrigued me - my Dad (from British Columbia) talked about them as people who were religious protesters in the '30s, 40s and '50s that protested (while nude) for religious freedom. A Doper found a few sites for me - go to and type ‘Doukhobor’ in the Search field.

While in a hotel lobby in England last year, I thumbed through a book of eccentric photographs and found a photo of four nude Doukhobor protesters. I removed the page from the book and if I can find it, I’ll scan it and email it to you. One look at this picture and you’ll see why the movement didn’t go anywhere.

BTW, I was also admonished by a fellow Doper about ‘removing’ the page from the book!

Some of them are still around.

They make occasional forays down here to the states for shopping. They remind me of the Hudderite colonys in Eastern Montana when I was a kid. The women dress in colorful long dresses and bonnets, the men in black with black hats. The only outward difference is that they speak Russian instead of German.

My dad grew up in Trail, not too far from Nelson. IIRC, there was some kind of Doukhobor village near Castlegar, and it had been turned into a museum which I went to when I was about 8 years old.

Several of my dad’s friends have Doukhobor spoons on their walls - great big wooden ladels with hooks on their handles.

Article on Doukhobor history

I believe this is the Castlegar Doukhobor museum:

This article has pictures of the spoons I mention:
Who are the Doukhobors?

here’s the earlier thread: Canadian Protest Group from 30s and 40s.

The lady in question was convicted yesterday - there’s an article in today’s Globe & Mail. Here’s a few snippets: