The Duck and Cover Award Goes to...

Carbon Dioxide is Our Friend

Yes, there are lies and distortions, and these are all worthy in their own right. But few examples of propaganda quite live up to the Duck and Cover standard of pure absurdity. But the baldfaced preposterousness of dismissing growing concern over global atmospheric conditions and the role careless human activity may be playing in the same as essentially slander against a molecule, and that producing this molecule in vast quantities is tantamount to pumping life straight into the air is chutzpah enough to make even jaded propagandists sit up and take notice.

I recommend the president hire the auters of this ad immediately. They could have been on the forefront of the Katrina response:

“Water is essential to life. Some people don’t want New Orleans teeming with life. Imagine if they got their way.”

I am negotiating with them now for my own campaign supporting kinetic energy. Without kinetic energy, there is no life! People, please, don’t let alarmists koooks tell you not to step in front of busses!

Without kinetic energy, planes couldn’t fly, your mother couldn’t cook a delicious pot roast for Sunday dunner, and children couldn’t go to school.

Why do you hate children, Johnny Angel?

Not bad, but even that parody is no match for the real thing. It’s impossible to parody such an absurd thing and rachet up the absurdity.

We’ve done this one. Still just as insane as it was then.

But carbon dioxide IS our friend. In beer!

[Jerry Lewis as the Nutty Professor]
To me, carbon dioxide… has always been a gas.***


Well, you know, I’ve been hearing rumors, but I only recently saw the actual video. Mind you, this is the same week that major competition arose on the Daily Show. I’m still not sure the guy from the gas industry wasn’t just fooling around, but he sure seemed to be seriously trying to kid somebody that it’s dangerous to pump your own gas. Something about what if you slip and fall under your car and douse yourself in gasoline and then try and light a cigarette?

Or eaten by a bear!

Yeah, I’m sick of everyone badmouthing CO2. Without CO2 plants can’t breathe!

Who new Co2 was so awesome?? I’ve gotta go get me some. I’m sure there will be some on Ebay.

knew…knew… :smack:

time for sleep

Psssst! Be sure to set the capital O in CO2 before you hit the sack. :wink:


I’m not going to subscribe to your old school view of chemistry man!! It’s a whole new world out that just waiting to be released from its shackles! Down with the scientific elitists and up with the liberal view of gases. Be free my gaseous brothers, be free!