The Durham indictments prosecuting fake Trump 'collusion'

You got one thing right. In no relevant universe is this close to being accurate.

And it’s also a win even if Trump had lost in 2016, because we all saw that he was already setting up the narrative of a “stolen election”. We would have seen the same crap then that we’re seeing now, almost certainly. The ongoing and increasing divisiveness in the US is beneficial to Russia, and really any other country that doesn’t particularly like the US. Putin made a really good bet on Trump in 2016, that would pay off no matter what happened in the election. That he hit the jackpot instead of just winning a door prize is a bonus, but even the door prize would have been valuable.

Also its hard to remember since so much stronger evidence came out later, but Trump’s comments about Putin were raising questions even early in the campaign, long before Russia was accused hacking the Democrats or otherwise interfering election interference.

The Steele dossier and Putin’s actions regarding the election weren’t the genesis of the belief that Trump was cozy with Russia, they were the confirmation.

It is awfully coincidental that the one dictator that Trump seems to inexplicably praising despite suffering the political consequences, even to the point of pushing for his party’s platform wouldn’t support sending military assistance to the country he just invaded, just happens to be the one that interferes to get him elected. Pure coincidence I’m sure.

Robert Mueller did this all the time. It’s a ‘Speaking Indictment’.

Maybe it’s a special prosecutor thing.

While it is nice to see you supporting Mueller (how did you like those findings, by the by? You continuously ignore every post that reminds you that none of this lessens the reality of Russian interference to help Trump, so I’m unsure), that does not make “speaking indictments” any less stupid. No matter who does them, they’re more flash than good prosecution technique.

In Mueller’s case, because of the unique circumstances, it was also known as an “impeachment referral”.

ETA: I read the indictment. It’s damning if you think knowing Hillary Clinton or working for Hillary Clinton should be illegal. Otherwise, it’s just a whole bunch of “Aha, he knew Hillary” “Aha, he talked to Hillary”, “Look, he sent Hillary a bill”.

Or indeed “being Hillary Clinton”. Lock her up!

Or “Ummmmm… something something emails”

Again, that’s not a fair reading of the press release indictment. The press release indictment alleges that Sussmann also did opposition research on Trump, some of which may have been misleading. Pearl clutching stuff. I remain unsure if there was any other illegality (other than the alleged lying to investigators), but we do know there aren’t any other charges currently.

I’m pretty sure there won’t be other charges just like I’m pretty sure this whole indictment was a way to avoid telling Durham’s breathlessly deluded fan base that they spent years and found crickets.

The reason I think there won’t be is that it’s my understanding that this indictment was filed at the last possible moment, due to statute of limitation issues. Now I’m not a lawyer or a physicist, but I’m pretty sure that the stuff he allegedly lied about happened BEFORE he told the alleged lies, and is therefore out of reach. Of course, if it there was anything to it, they had five years to find it and bring charges.

So the ‘speakkng indictment’ was in fact part of a larger conspiracy investigation.

To be fair, the article quotes people who are skeptical of the indictment and think the information in it was cherry-picked. We will see.

"Still, more than two years after being commissioned by then Attorney General William Barr to investigate whether federal authorities improperly targeted the Trump campaign, Durham has little to show for his efforts. His special counsel probe, which has lasted longer than Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, has so far brought only two lying charges against little-known figures, including the case against Sussmann, who has pleaded not guilty.

The results have underwhelmed Trump supporters who had hoped former top FBI and intelligence officials would be prosecuted for “spying” on Trump and his campaign."

Apparently hasn’t “underwhelmed” ALL Trump supporters, knowhatimsayin?

Durham’s case is built on letters and words cut out like a ransom note.

Durham claims that Sussman lied to then- FBI counsel James Baker but Baker says he can’t remember if Sussman mentioned his clients.

But the interesting part is that by focusing on the activities of Sussman, it brings the camera back to the connection to Alfa Bank that was running in Trump Tower.

Also, it turns out that someone was operating a Russian smartphone out of the Whitehouse.

NYT link (paywalled)

Raw Story link (no paywall)

Spectrum Health is connected to Trump Education Secretary Betsy De Vos’ family. You’ll recall that Betsy’s brother is Erik Prince, of private mercenary companay Blackwater/Academi fame. Prince, as I’m sure you remember, was one of the people working to set up back channel communications between the Trump admin and the Putin admin.

The researchers who uncovered the Trump communications with Alfa Bank stand by their research.

You mean because I didn’t run around with my hair on fire yelling that Hillary was going to jail?

And just how disappointed were Democrats by the failure of Mueller to get anyone significant in the Trump orbit?

This could all turn out to be nothing, and I wouldn’t be surprised. Or it could turn into a massive deal. I’m just watching with interest, reporting the facts and waiting to see what happens. If all of it were true, it would be bigger than Watergate. But I doubt it will go anywhere near Hillary herself. If there are more indictments, I would expect them to be other lawyers, maybe a low level tech or something. That’s how these things usually go.

The admission in the article that Durham has all the billing records is interesting. As I said before, my understanding is that those are privileged unless you can convince a judge that the law firm or lawyer is engaged in potential criminal activity, not just the client. But I’m not a lawyer, so maybe I’m missing something.

Wait… You still think the Alfa Bank story was legit? I take it you didn’t read the linked articles. That was debunked about a week after it first appeared. The supposed DNS trail used as evidence was bullshit.

The Trump team claimed it was debunked. It wasn’t. Subsequent events have demonstrated how much faith we should put on Trump’s lawyers’ grasp of reality.

As I said, the researchers stand by their results.

But hey - let’s take that to court. I think we should have a vigorous and thorough investigation into the connection between Trump Tower, De Vos’ Spectrum Health and Alfa Bank. I hope Merrick Garland’s DoJ gets to the filthy, stinking, root of it all.

Keep digging, Durham. Please proceed.

I suppose Fox News missed these:

Did you just forget about all the indictments, guilty pleas, and ultimately, pardons?

If you’re pardoned for lying to the FBI, it’s like you never lied to the FBI!!!
“No collusion!”