The DVRs in Purgatory/Limbo

I’m supposing this has been posed before with slightly different approaches, but…


As predicted by many, after you die you follow the white light to the waiting room, where you take a number.

In the meantime, there are TV screens hooked up to "DVR"s, where you can call up ANY event in human/earth’s history and watch it as it happened (multiple angles too, if need be). There’s enough screens for everyone - no waiting. No judgement is passed regarding what you view.

So, what do you watch first?

Jesus’s teachings and resurrection as a refresher course for the upcoming interview.

Probably stuff from my mom and dad’s life. They’re both gone, and I miss them a lot.

Maybe some stuff from my marriage and/or my family.

I would imagine there would be time to watch stuff from the 16th century or whatever later on…

does this include smell-a-vision? 3D?

Completely misunderstood the thread title. Thought this was about DVDs that have been rumored to be coming for a long time but haven’t shown up yet.

I’d have to watch the B-29s bombing Tokyo and other cities during WWII. And I’d have to follow Daniel Boone around for awhile. There’s a lot of debate about his life, and I’d like to have a few things settled for myself.

I myself find it difficult to answer…

JFK assassination?
Moses parting the Red Sea?
Jesus’ Resurrection?
Signing of the Declaration of Independence?

I’d follow Alexander the Great. I’d use fast-forward a lot.

(Can I get translation via subtitles?)

Why? You can watch film of that now.

I’d like a few things definitively proven, like Jesus’s existence, what dinosaurs really looked like, what the UFO was that started the whole Roswell bullshit, who really was responsible for various murders currently ambiguously unsolved, that kind of thing. I’d pick dinosaurs first.

The eruption of Pompeii.
Fast-forward through the breaking apart of Pangea.
My wedding day.

You’re all wrong. This is a waiting room.

You call up any event you want, then the DVR freezes 6 seconds in and there’s no way to unstick it, take out the DVD, or even turn off the machine.

Then you wait.

Bingo. I’d love to see those terrible lizards in action.

The very first thing would probably be my brother’s wedding.

I have no expectation that my character or nature will change fundamentally after my death. That being the case, given unlimited options of what to watch, I will probably end up watching Arrested Development and late '90s Law and Order for the jillionth time.

First thing would be dinosaurs and then God passing in front of moses so I can see Gods’ ass and then some Jesus stuff and then JFK boning Marylin and I’d turn the sound up really loud.