The Dyson Zone

Ever wanted to listen to tunes or need noise cancelling headphones and want to look like Bane while doing it?

Then the Dyson Zone is for you, just in time for the holidays!!!

For the low price of $949, you can have noice cancelling headphones with an air-purification visor. The filter on the air purifier will last up to 12 months (not bad). The battery life on using the headphones is about 50 hours per full charge (also not bad). If you use the purifier at the low setting it reduces the battery life to 4 hours (hmmm okay), but if you use the purifier at the high setting it drags the batter life down to 1.5 hours (not great).

This product was clearly designed for the pandemic minded individual, with a very hefty price point. I don’t expect it to be a big seller.

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How the hell are you supposed to drink coffee on a conference call with that thing on? Damn!

Needs more work.

What I’m reading is that the part that goes in front of the face (with the air filter) attaches and detaches from the headphones using magnets.

(BTW, I hesitated before spending ~$350 on a noise-cancelling Bose headset and this thing is like three times that cost.)