No need for "Spammer Reported Posts" in Discourse. Please do flag them, but please don't bother with the post in thread

Spammer reported.

Modnote: Not a spammer. Omar_Little is a regular and this is not a spammy post. Also please don’t make the Spammer Reported posts. There is no need to Discourse.

Sure looked like they were plugging their product.

Modnote again: Also please don’t argue moderation in thread.

I’m going to pull this mess out of this thread and into ATMB.

This may be the nicest compliment I’ve received here!!

Have you got anything without Spam in it?

Well, there’s spam egg sausage and spam, that’s not got much spam in it.

I offer a nice Hawaiian pizza…wait, damn it!

If I could ask a serious question, isn’t the point of the “Reported” post to notify other users not to bother flagging? So then, why is there “No Need” for that in Discourse? I don’t think we can see that a post has been flagged.

Then again, I don’t know how many reports are typically flooding in on a legit spam post before it gets nuked. Maybe it all happens fast enough the notice is unnecessary?

Actually multiple reports of Spam is fine and probably better.

All the flags for a post get gathered together as a single report for the Moderators to review in Discourse.

It worked differently in vBulletin.

Also when the Spam Reported post is incorrect, it is a terrible way to start a new thread. Main reason I moved the 4 post exchange to a new thread here to make a public announcement with the Title.

That is exactly why I’ve made such posts in the past, when I’ve reported obvious spammers, but if a mod is now telling us that such posts aren’t necessary, I’ll probably refrain from doing so in the future.

Sounds good. I haven’t seen it much of late, our top spam reporters just flag the posts and move on. This works great.

I have also noticed it rarely comes up these days.

Most spam is actually caught by the spam filters that are part of our Discourse setup. Then 2-3 posters and a few of us Mods catch 95% of the remaining.

Discourse automatically hides any post that gets multiple flags as spam, so you don’t need to worry about us getting too many flags for a single post. It’s not an issue.

vBulletin didn’t have that feature so if no one bothered to type “reported” in a post then we could get dozens of post reports for a single post. We appreciated it when someone posted “reported” to cut down on the number of post reports.

Yeah, it only takes a couple of spam flags before Discourse hides a post, so spam posts are very quick to get hidden.

Is that 2-3 posters per spam post or 2-3 posters that regularly catch spammers total?

2-3 specific posters that regularly catch the spam posts fast.

It’s only because I don’t have a real life… :smiling_face_with_tear:
Being awake when everyone else is sleeping helps too!

I’m more worried about the 5% that the 2-3 posters and a few of the Mods fail to catch.

That is just a rough estimate of how much spam gets reported by other users.

The Spam never stay up for any amount of time here on the Dope. I doubt it survives for more than 6 hours at worst. Most is gone in far less time.

So many other sites are littered with Spam. I love how little is here.