Put out of action by the "system"

Way back on 22 September 2020, I got a “system message” informing me of a “temporary suspension” of my account. The site staff, I know, have been seriously super busy what with all the things involved in getting this new site up, running, and maintained, so I’m not blaming them at all for the week out of action. engineer_comp_geek did a great job at what I"m sure is an incredibly ridiculous time of the night being the morning over here in Beijing. He checked and discovered that my account was flagged as a spammer and now I’m not on that banner crew any longer.

But it seems to show a bit of an issue for the discourse system if that can happen. The questions that come to mind are similar to what others have asked about the possibilities of their posts getting flagged for other rules violations.

  1. How many reports of spamming does Discourse makes one a truly suspect spammer and thus triggers itself to clamp down on your account?

  2. Does Discourse differentiate between single reports of spamming when the reports are made by a number of different posters and a single poster making many reports of one individual as spamming. Here I mean one person going flag happy on many posts on their target.

  3. Why wouldn’t it be a bit obvious that someone with my activity stream, I guess you would call it, here with my longevity on SDMB isn’t spam happy?

Of course I understand that some things cannot be made public because that might give too much information to the actual spampers out in the wild. My concern here is that if it can–and did–happen to me, it very well could happen to you.

@engineer_comp_geek: Thanks again for getting me back posting! I’ll see what I can do to keep you from regretting it. :wink: